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Reverse sonoff bridge

Hello, is possible reverse control to sonoff bridge. Example: preaa A button on rf remote and start some (no rf) sonoff device, Press B button start another sonoff device. Sorry for my bad english ;)

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It's a while since I've done it, but I'm sure you can. You'd have to set up each button of the remote as "alarm", so a bridge would only be able to controll 4 buttons total (rather than 16 if they were set us as actual remotes). On the app, in the "scenes" bit you could then use the trigger of the "alarm" (push of button the remote) to set a scene of Sonoff device coming on etc. Sorry I can't explain this very well.... I'm a beginner myself and don't know the proper words to use!

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Hey Kat, Can you please confirm that this is the case? Info out there is fairly limited whether I am able to do this or not. Thanks
I would like to know if this reverse feature is possible or not. Sonoff rf Bridge acting as a bridge for non 433 sonoffs (only wifi) would be an awesome feature.

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Yes, it is possible.

Goto your RF Bridge then click + to add a new remote:


Tick the Alarm at bottom then OK.

You will see a new Alarm item that you can rename, but press and hold to put the Bridge into learning mode.

Then press the RF button you want to use for this alarm.

Now go to create a Scene, + Add Scene.

+Add a Condition, that will be the Alarm you just created

+Add a Perform, that will be the device you want to turn ON or OFF

Finally Save the new Scene

When the RF button is pressed, the Scene will execute, and operate the device.

There is a bit of latency, no more than a second, about the time taken to press the button.

Of course, you will need to create another scene to turn back OFF or ON, this will use another Alarm.

You are limited to four Alarms only :-(

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