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Sonoff TH with Added Sensor Types

Since there are two separate models of TH I am guessing there is something specific in the TH firmware to support the temperature sensor vs the humidty sensor. Is there any hardware difference (other than external the sensor)?

Assuming no hardware difference, and if Sonoff is willing to support these two sensors, what do you think the estimated effort would be for the TH to also support a reed switch (door sensor) with ITEAD factory firmware as pictured below. Seems like it would be simpler, only two states versus a range of values for temperature and humidity.

Magnetic contact switch (door sensor)

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Just realized that the two different models are because of 10A and 16A supplies. That being said, I still wonder if the TH could support other sensors with either more robust firmware, or if there could be another model with same hardware different firmeware that supports on/off sensors like a reed switch or motion detector.

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