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Enable/Disable switch for Scenes

I'd love to see an 'on/off' switch for individual Scenes. I have a setup that utilizes a TH10's temp sensor to trigger actions by other switches. I'd like to be able to enable and disable some settings without clicking into each scene and manually change the temp trigger degree.

I made a mockup image attached here.


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+1 definitely good idea

In might be confused with what you're trying to do. You can make a 'button' in scenes, which would then run a group of events. Or make a button to switch OFF a scene. Or do you mean a scene with another trigger, but you just want to enable/disable it. So when you fancied you could disable it from triggering, rather than switching off a scene thats already on? (I hope I'm making sense! I know what so mean but can't explain it even to myself!)
You mean disabling it don't you? So you can have a variety of scenes with different trigger settings, and just enable the ones you want at any given time. I read your post back and realised. Ignore me, it's late.

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Imagine having a hot tub with various pumps, heaters and electronic items controlled by Sonoffs. As in the above example, the Auto Cooling scene shuts off the heater at 40°. But to change that, I have to navigate into the scene settings and alter the trigger temp setting. 

In my ideal world I'd have multiple scenes, where only one is active at a time. One would activate at 35° for an 'away mode' where I won't be using it for a few days, conserving power. Another would be warmer, say 41°. 

+1 Good suggestion


First time poster. +1 this as a great suggestion. I have setup some scenes to control my Central Heating/Cooling using TH10 to monitor areas of the house and 12v 1 Channel Inching switches to trigger heating/cooling and dampers(zones) in those areas.

Perhaps having the option to add the enable/disable button (as mentioned above) in the scene setup would work? This may not be needed in all cases but would be a handy feature to be able to manually disable a scene when needed.


Scene is very limited Work around is IFTTT. To link devices this way you have full function. Then I use scene as a override for safety Max and min temps just in case someone changes TH to manual mode and leaves unit on it off.

I think is a good idea and is necessary if you want build a alarm system. In this way you can disable allarm before entering the building and enable when you exit.


Thank you.

Agree this would open up alot more capabilities. Any hope for this feature to be added? Personally I neeeeed it for the hot tub controller I made up from Sonoff pieces. 

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