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Trouble using scenes

Hey all,

Fairly new to Sonoff but have bought a few bits to try out including a 4ch pro, a 4ch STD, a th10 and an account. I like the way it is mostly fitting together but having some trouble getting anywhere with scenes.

Firstly the th10 doesn't appear as a device I can use in a scene at all?

Secondly I setup a simple scene to test using the SC as follows.

If light = or < dusky turn on 4ch pro switch 1.

Works and turns my outdoor light on at dusk.

However, how do I turn it off?

It doesn't matter how I approach it, go to the app & manually turn it off or create an IFTTT applet, the scene over rides everything and immediately turns it back on as it's still dusky so the light stays on all night till dawn.

Hopefully one of you is familiar with scenes and can offer some advice.


I never had much luck with scenes working reliably.  I suggest you turn the outside light on with IFTTT using WU sunset and turn it off with IFTTT using Date&Time if you want to turn it off at a specific time.

Thanks, came to that conclusion as well, just hoping someone was going to say, oh yes just click X.

I am also using a IFTTT Applet to turn on my lights at Sunset based on WU. The problem is that I have to set up an Applet for every Switch. I tried to use the Scene facility but this only seems to execute when the Master Device is switched from the App. When the Master Device is triggered by IFTTT the Scene facility does not execute.
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