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REQUEST - eWeLink Widget Lock

Hi, I don't know if any have notice that and if it's good or not for us, but for me, its a security problem. I will explain:

I use eWeLink app, and I have bulbs, basic SonOffs, etc. And I have a OnePlus 5T. The phone comes with a system app lock, and I lock the app, to make sure I'm the only one who can access my devices (I unlock it trought fingerprint or win PIN). The problem is, if you add a widget to your phone (I'm talking on Android), it doesn't need the fingerprint/pin to do the action. I have lock screen, but for example, one my friend ask me to call someone from my phone or something else. I unlock the phone, and from then, he can control my house, or by missclick, activate some things. I think it would be good to have a widget, but ask a pin/fingerprint/pattern to conclude the action, and who want, can disable or enable the option it. I know the widget is to finish the actions faster, but it should be and option to enable lock to conclude the action, because its a security function. I contacted eWeLink, and they told me to put the question here to get feedback from all of us.

PS:Sorry for my bad english


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