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REQUEST - eWeLink Widget Lock

Hi, I don't know if any have notice that and if it's good or not for us, but for me, its a security problem. I will explain:

I use eWeLink app, and I have bulbs, basic SonOffs, etc. And I have a OnePlus 5T. The phone comes with a system app lock, and I lock the app, to make sure I'm the only one who can access my devices (I unlock it trought fingerprint or win PIN). The problem is, if you add a widget to your phone (I'm talking on Android), it doesn't need the fingerprint/pin to do the action. I have lock screen, but for example, one my friend ask me to call someone from my phone or something else. I unlock the phone, and from then, he can control my house, or by missclick, activate some things. I think it would be good to have a widget, but ask a pin/fingerprint/pattern to conclude the action, and who want, can disable or enable the option it. I know the widget is to finish the actions faster, but it should be and option to enable lock to conclude the action, because its a security function. I contacted eWeLink, and they told me to put the question here to get feedback from all of us.

PS:Sorry for my bad english


Hello @mrtuga49

normaly you switch on/off your home devices parallel to wall switches don't locked by a key swich, so in your app a friend with your smartphone could do, what he/she could also do at your home (limited to ewelink).
I think it isn't a security problem. It's a problem with 'whom you trust', do you realy mean he/she is your friend?

A) you could log out of the app each time before you give the phone to your friend (supposed your friend haven't your access data or your finger), so he/she couldn't control your devices.

B) for this and for other security problem apps in your android phone you could install an app that could lock the access for defined apps by another pass. (I mean gdata or kaspersky could do it, but check it for shure)


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it is, probably, late to add anything, but the answer simplified thinks and could be a little more fair. 

Please be informed that not all the (real) user have a phone with fingerprint sensor, or second area, or application locks, but still want to open car access gate or garage.  

I would support request to lock widget (the simplified access to switch knob especially to for person shared the single, or dedicated function without full control needs) which (widget) is not secured by any mentioned key on latest smart phone models.

IF This is not to big problem, Than do That.

Also, i would beg you to slightly redesign the widget icon 1x1. It is to small, second-is difficult to see the difference between ON and OFF state due to little (color) contrast

Thank you and best regards

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Hello @SJ

First: I'm no support or forum moderator or related to itead in any conditions.

My Answer describe the problem, when user mrtuga49 give his/her unlocked mobile to a friend for other conditions (write an eMail: viewing a video, ...) and don't want the friend could control his/her devices.
so it's not simplified and not unfair and doesn't depends on the conditions of unlock it (pw, finger, eye, ...). 

When you want to share a switch with someone else, but not all the switches tis is a complete other case.
I currently does't share my devices with anybody else; but as far as I know you could share single devices.
Your other person have to install eWeLink and should create her/his own account. Then You go to your i.e. Garage Swich Detail-Page und in the lower site you found a share button. Than on the following page press +share and insert the account-info (name/eMail/phone#) of the other person and press ok.
So in your other persons app only our gerage switch should appear. All your other switches are your private switches without access of the other person.
I don't use a eWeLink widget (if there is any for my iPhone) so I don't know if you could select only the gerage button to display. But, if you use a widget on your phones unlock-screen anybody who have access to your phone could switch your widget buttons like the switches on the wall. So if you don't want anybody else should switch it, but want to use a widget for your private comfort, than you have to view your phone doesn't get in access of one you don't trust.

Regarding your design questions you should use the feedback area in the app (human silhouette > help/feedback > feedback > feature request/suggestion). 

I think this forum is more a user helps user forum with a little moderation but no intensive access by the developer team (probably I'm wrong, but that's my impression).


Please accept my apologise for my ("fast") inproper reaction. Also, for my wrong conclusion who is answering (comments).

Thank you for your advice. It is welcome!

Just after I send my comment, I discover available upgrade, where security is drowned on higher level.

I’m very new user of this IFTTT "thinks" but I'm really happy with my result. Open/close garage is working excellent. It is “simply” job. The security of backyard door I made on my own way (sorry to not publish). 

I shared use with other family members, who is not interesting in details. 

The central heating in my house is old stile but I completely automatized, respecting indoor temp, outdoor temp, day and night regime. Winter condition already give my nice result: comfort and saving energy. Right now, I’m simulate summer regime (and heating sanitary hot water). I’m not happy with text format data in received google sheet. that consuming time to retype in date-time format for calculation and get real “image” and statistic.

Lights, networks (router power), UPS for server, is not causing many problems.

I try to use Amazon Alexa and Google S.H. But, for my needs eWeLink is faster and not drain battery.


Only I missed is just a little more comfort (for old eyes and fingers) and additional security for home in case of lost smartphone, what can easy be with aged people.


Once again, thank you for advice.

Stipa Jaksic

Yes, anybody can turn on my lights because of wall switches. But imagine you have a security system with Sonoff bridge and Sonoff basic. Anyone can also turn off the alarm or the alarm siren. I managed to implement a wall panel with actiontiles or sharptools, in there if I press a button it open a keypad to insert personal activation code Of course the input of a code is optional by switch. I didn't continued using it cause Sonoff bad integration with ifttt.
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