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Sonoff Pow problem

Power counter and power log on my Sonoff Pow stoped working on 12.January? Is this server problem or I have Sonoff software problem? Other functions like shedules and timer working good.

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It might be worth trying to use access point method of pairing. They normally start triple flashing, which is the newer pairing method, but if you long press on the button it goes into continuous blinking and then the device appears in the list of available wifi networks. Password is 12345678 I have a Pow permanently stuck at 90% firmware update. Contacted support weeks ago - nothing, although past experience is they never say anything useful anyway. I’ve had a few things refuse to normal pair, but nothing has refused in AP mode.
Please help, my sonoff pow error connect server
Led blink twice
I do not have a problem with pairing, I have a connection problem after pairing. Can not connect from local wifi, over 4g operator it works. The LAN setting is without MAC and IP restrictions, the other sonoff (t2 wall, basic, th10) work well. I tried POW in another network and the problem was the same. It is matched, but when trying to control over a local wifi 1-2 times it works well, then no longer and even the POW flashes twice twice as if it drops off the cloud. Cloud connection resumes when we turn off ewelink.

Cannot pair Sonoff POW with ewelink tried both ways

da quando ho cambiato modem il sonoff non si accopia.

Vorrei resettarlo al punto di fabbrica

come resettare sonoff


pow al punto di fabbrica!

Facing the same issue with SONOFF POW.  Paired successfully using compatibility mode but then it is not able to connect to the server.

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