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Auto off timer.

When my pir2 or door sensor turn lights on .I need time option 1 - 3 min to auto off.

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Sonoff Touch for my recirculating pump.  I set up the loop timer to OFF after 3mins for when I manually press the button to come on, it turns off after some time around 2 mins (but not 3 mins- yes it's weird).  If I set it at 2 mins, it'd only run for a minute then shuts off.  Very weird.  Known issue.

Then, I set it to have a predetermined sched to power on and shutoff after 2 mins (recirculating pump).  Start of the day and an hour or so before bedtime when everyone takes another shower.

I use the POW R2 to schedule my aux heater for the same solar water heater.  It only comes on around 3.30p so giving the panels enough afternoon sun time to heat the tank.  only if it's cloudy then it uses electricity to get the tank to running temp.

Please vote for extending the inching duration past 1 hour here, to give more visibility to that feature request:

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Not sure, If inching mode will work in combination with all timers. For example: inching time =1h, scheduler to ON for 2h.

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