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Auto off timer.

When my pir2 or door sensor turn lights on .I need time option 1 - 3 min to auto off.

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Sonoff Touch for my recirculating pump.  I set up the loop timer to OFF after 3mins for when I manually press the button to come on, it turns off after some time around 2 mins (but not 3 mins- yes it's weird).  If I set it at 2 mins, it'd only run for a minute then shuts off.  Very weird.  Known issue.

Then, I set it to have a predetermined sched to power on and shutoff after 2 mins (recirculating pump).  Start of the day and an hour or so before bedtime when everyone takes another shower.

I use the POW R2 to schedule my aux heater for the same solar water heater.  It only comes on around 3.30p so giving the panels enough afternoon sun time to heat the tank.  only if it's cloudy then it uses electricity to get the tank to running temp.

Please vote for extending the inching duration past 1 hour here, to give more visibility to that feature request:

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Not sure, If inching mode will work in combination with all timers. For example: inching time =1h, scheduler to ON for 2h.

I have also been confused about Inching mode and Loop timer for quite sometime but have got some insight after tinkering with them for a few months now. Will share my two cents, hope it helps folks here. Loop Timer: I will not get into the basics but clear the confusion over random switch off in Loop Timer mode as reported by many users. The reason why people seem to have random turn off/on and not after pre designated interval as set by them is because they fail to consider the start time, which is absolutely critical for Loop Timer. Let me clear with the help of an example. Lets say we want to turn off a light after 10 mins of certain activity (PIR Sensor, Door Sensor or Just switch On), if we set the start time at 00:00 am midnight along with a past date in the Loop Timer settings, then the switch would turn off an every 10 min multiple in every hour. Suppose I turn on light at 7:00:00 am sharp, then the light would turn off at exact 7:10:00 am as desired. But If I were to turn on light at 7:34:18 am, then the next 10 minute multiple would happen at 7:40:00am, when the light would turn off thus resulting in turning off in 5min 42sec only. What confuses people is the fact that they generally tend to ignore the start time, which results in random turn off whereas it is switching off as per our set timing. The software takes the earlier of the two event happening as a trigger, the max being the time set by us. Hope this clears the Loop Timer confusion. Inching Mode: In inching mode (for Sonoff Basic) you can define the duration in half second interval for a current maximum of 3600 seconds (1 hour). When we turn on the inching mode and define the duration in seconds, the device turns off exactly at the specified interval irrespective of the start time (unlike Loop timer) functioning like a Timer everytime. So taking the last Loop Timer example, if we want to turn off the light after 10 mins, we have to set Inching duration to 600 seconds (10mins). This would result in the light turning off exactly after 10 mins every time it is turn on. There are a few limitations with Inching Mode, the first being that maximum permissible inching time as of date is 1 hour; the second being that it is only available in Sonoff Basic in firmware upwards of 2.5.x (not sure about TH devices) and not available on POW devices. The third being that it does not support startup mode as ON or Keep, meaning if you were to link the Light to a physical switch to Turn On every time the switch was turned On, it would not work in inching mode and you would have to turn it on through the app or through some trigger to make it work properly. Hope I was of some help in clearing the air about the two features. Happy Sonoffing!!

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Thank you for explaining the randomness of loop timer. Also there is a timer feature which is usable only one time once set up.  Inching function is not available in POW version. I wanted to use the Sonoff Pow 2 to control my water heater with the timer function. I wanted that when the micro switch (or soft switch on phone app) on the pow would be pushed the heater will be on for 40 minutes, for example. After 40 minutes the heater will be off every time. Sonoff Pow cannot do this in any way. ON-OFF timer is a simple thing which the Pow device should be able to  do. I asked the designer team about this multiple times but they never added the feature on the pow model. Currently I am designing a separate electronic timer device that would be attached with the output of the Sonoff Pow. Once the project is completed I shall report here.

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Can this INCHING function work in addition to the regular timer?  For example we have a 9a (on)—10a (off) everyday.... but during the course of the day that's out of this time frame, I may push the button to power it on (right one the switch or via the APP).  Will the set seconds on the Inching then work?  Example it's not 11a and i click on the switch to turn it on.... will it shut off after the set seconds of the inching function?

What about if we set the Schedule for ON only.... say 9a and 11a.  would it auto-OFF upon the set Inching seconds (currently maxed at 3600s)?

Inching function will work all time. You can set a longer time in a Schedule. The device will be ON in scheduled time, however, it will be OFF just after inching time duration, if scheduled OFF time is later.

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