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Auto off timer.

When my pir2 or door sensor turn lights on .I need time option 1 - 3 min to auto off.

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Try Setting Loop timer as follows for your Light & hope it will work. (just a logic based on my experience)

Loop Timer-> Restart Cycle = OFF

Check After Checkbox ->  Set Min to 2 Mins

Enable & OK

Let me know your feedback

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They need to change this to make it far more obvious that this is possible. By definition only the first part of a loop is not a loop because it doesn’t loop back to the start. Unless someone had previously set a loop up they wouldn’t have even noticed you can only do part of 1 loop.

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so in short.... how is this done?

When I use the loop timer to auto off the timing is always wrong, I could set 10min, after 2 it will turn off. This is really annoying anyone can advise on this?

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I wish I can help but mine is the same.  I've set mine to 3mins to turn OFF and it's off in less than 2.... often in about 1 min.  Very disappointing.  How complicated can it be to program a simple time-based timer.

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Yeah it should be that difficult... I hope they correct this quickly. I am using this feature because I would like the pir motion detector (or the app or the hub) to be able to also detect the absence of motion for let's say 30min and order the lights to turn off but it won't so that is why I am using the loop but it is so random :(
I need this feature to control my water heater using Sonoff POW. Current loop timer function can do this auto off function but time is not correct at all and seems random. I need to auto off my water heater after 30 to 45 minutes once it is turned ON using built in switch.

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Anyone from Sonoff can reply about this? Fixing this would help very much

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Hi all, you can achieve that now with the new "inching" feature of the Sonoff Basic and others. It allows you to configure a pulse of a duration between 1/2 second and up to 1 hour. So basically you turn the device on either from the app, scene of manually and it will turn off automattically at the set duration of the pulse.

Hope this helps !

According to Mario, the inching function should work even with Sonoff Pow. I will check it soon. I need the timer off function very much to control my water heater.

There is no inching function available for Sonoff Power device. Please add the feature function in Sonoff Pow. Thanks.

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I found that setting loop timer to use as "auto off" is not a solution, because timer is configured for specific day and time. 
For example, I would like to set "auto off" to two hours. No matter when I power ON, device would go off after two hours. 

Work around is to set  device as Inching, but maximum timeout is only 3600 sec.

Any information if auto off can be supported?

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Inching time to extend for 24 hours
Dear Sonoff Pow design team, Please add inching feature for Sonoff pow. Thanks.

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