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Lights turning on by themselves

Not sure if its related to the server issues, but a couple of my lights are acting win my. Turned on my light via the app, 5 minutes later it turned off. Same thing happened in reverse. Turned off light and it just went on by itself. Strange things are happening. Alexa when trying to link says network is acting up.

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Just had my liv room light on, and just turned off on its own. didn't say anything to alexa which isn't working and only turned it on via the app which is working. only thing I did prior to using the app was tried to turn it on via alexa and got the device is not responding message to turn it on, so I turned it on by the app then it shut off on its own 5 minutes later. 

Wondering if its getting a signal from alexa late and then its turning it off instead of leaving it on.

I have the same problem ...please assist

Same issue here.  Opened a case with the folks here but no help rendered.

Hi Have 3 lights that have 50% wifi strength that randomly turn off and normally when the first one goes the 2nd one turns off shortly after and then later the 3rd turns off (a few mins later)

I do have configured a loop timer set to turn the lights off after 30 mins


I have these 3 lights grouped under a single BATHROOM group via Alexa but don't see this as a problem.

I have also found this happens to my other lights randomly 

Same problem . Two  Slampher  as bedroom lights .Randomly turn off/on .Sometimes only one ,sometimes both .All other smart plugs/switches  working fine.

I solved the problem and upgraded to LIFX lights which are extremely reliable with no faults.

shame to have to replace 12 of my sonoff devices.  would love to of had a fix for this initial problem.

Same problem here. Some of my lights are turning on/off randomly. Ewelink history says that it's turned on by device but it's incorrect. It's probably malfunction or interference.
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