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20th Jan 2018 sonoff devices are not responding with amazon alexa. Please help;

As per the subjtect. 

It is 20th jan and my 24 sonoff device swiches are not working with amazon alexa. They are responding to the app of ewelink but not amazon alexa. 

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Mine are not working on the app or alexa....

Ours is working via ewelink app but not Alexa skill

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logged out of the app and back in and works from the app now but not alexa, but still getting lots of network unavailable messages in the app.

I'm afraid to un-pair alexa and re-pair it. last time I couldnt connect it for several hours.

Don't uninstall to Alexa app . I did and it is telling me the servers are busy
Don't uninstall the Alexa app.

same thing here with google home unable to control any of the device

Same here. Pity, as it has been working well for the past week or so. Are we back to the same situation as before where the system was down more often than up?

i wish we didn't need their server in order for the device to work this really sucks, i dont want to reflash all my devices with a 3rd party firmware


Can we have an explanation on what happened and what will be done to prevent this in the future?

Alexa down again. I'm about ready to put on custom firmware and host my own server
The skill is not responding! I am nervous
On again, off again. What a nightmare.
Do they even read this messages I am getting distracted

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