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Turn off pir in bridge

Hi! I just installed my new RF Bridge and added the pir sensor. It works well but I don’t know how to turn off PIR alarm when I’m at home! Is it possible? Thks!

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Yes I have the same question...

Has anyone got answers on this? Can one arm/disarm PIR's so that they dont send you notifications when you home

i beleieve only to stop the pir [out of the battery]

or o button in side on/of

Hi, just power the RF Bridges out of another Sonoff device. For example a Basic, S26 or S20. This way you can turn the RF BRidge on and of, activating or disarming the alarm  from that 2nd device.

Good luck !

to Mario Bianchi

this wrong because if turn off the bringe then disarming the rest basic from bridge,

i think only a button in side of sensor

I can use a sonoff basic when need all alarm system off (bridge turned off with that basic). The problem is how can I do for example if I want to leave on garden alarms to protect outside area when I'm home (partial alarm system on). Any help?
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