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Turn off pir in bridge

Hi! I just installed my new RF Bridge and added the pir sensor. It works well but I don’t know how to turn off PIR alarm when I’m at home! Is it possible? Thks!

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Yes I have the same question...

Has anyone got answers on this? Can one arm/disarm PIR's so that they dont send you notifications when you home

i beleieve only to stop the pir [out of the battery]

or o button in side on/of

Hi, just power the RF Bridges out of another Sonoff device. For example a Basic, S26 or S20. This way you can turn the RF BRidge on and of, activating or disarming the alarm  from that 2nd device.

Good luck !

to Mario Bianchi

this wrong because if turn off the bringe then disarming the rest basic from bridge,

i think only a button in side of sensor

I can use a sonoff basic when need all alarm system off (bridge turned off with that basic). The problem is how can I do for example if I want to leave on garden alarms to protect outside area when I'm home (partial alarm system on). Any help?
Follow the link below to see more about it disabling PIR2 alerts is a bad solution wasting the most of the battery energy while PIR2 works overtime detecting and sending RF signals while users are at home generating 99% of those alerts! Better to put PIR2 into a standby or sleep mode when detection is not needed. = = =
A button on the side or disconnecting the batteries doesn’t make any sense. Would you ever buy an alarm system where you’d have to do it? Besides PIR2 is supposed to be somewhere close to the ceiling. What if people have many rooms where multiple PIR2 installed? Every time you enter or leave home are you supposed to mess with a dozen of physical PIR2 devices under the ceiling?

until an ewelink update, I think the only method is joining a sonoff switch to each PIR, and adding all these switches to a "alarm scene" to be switched on/off at a tap or at a given time. But you will also have to tamper with the PIR itself, bringing a couple of wires out; solution not exactly suitable for all users...

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