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Please make US-style 2 gang and 3 gang wall switches

The US 1-gang wall switch is already available, and you already make a UK 2- and 3-gang wall switches. Please make US 2-gang and 3-gang switches available.

A 4 gang switch would be awesome if you can fit everything in.

Another suggestion...

Australia and New Zealand use light switches identical in size/shape as US switches, but they are nearly always oriented in portrait fashion (long side vertical) rather than landscape. 

Your US 1-gang switches would work fine in Australia, but the blue WiFi signal logo looks weird when the switch is mounted in portrait. Please remove the WiFi symbol or replace it with something that doesn't look strange when it's mounted sideways.

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This is absolutely true.  Here in the US, ALL light switch boxes are oriented with the 4" side vertically and the 2" side horizontally.  The Sonoff Touch will have the logo sideways if mounted here in the US.  If this is fixed I would purchase immediately.

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