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Start Sonoff B1 by Sonoff PIR2 PIR sensor

Hi, Does anyone have a working solution for starting a B1 light bulb when the sensor discover any movement? Please help if you do! Kind regards Marco

My Bridge is broken currently, so I can’t test this, but if suggest: 2) Sonoff PIR2 sensor; emits RF on person’s activity 2) RF Bridge senses RF signal and activates scene 3) scene includes B1 turning on. I think the ‘slampher’ has RF abilities itself, but I don’t know if you can pair a PIR2 to the slampher directly. Maybe.

I can imagine I should use a scene for  it, but in the IOS App my RF bridge is not shown in the scene part.

Is it a bug perhaps?

I’m afraid I don’t know as my RF Bridge isn’t working. I have heard people say it works though on another thread. I believe it may not be the PIR2 itself that triggers a scene, but an ‘alert’ from the PIR2. Hopefully someone with a functioning device can tell you exactly, but if you set up an alert I think it should appear in conditions. One thing I have noticed is that devices only appear in the option list for scenes if they originate from that phone, not if they are shared to it. Assume it is a security thing.
Okay, installed a android emulator on my laptop and on android the scene can be created. Cool. Any ideas on how to turn off the B1 light after a couple of minutes when it was turned on by the sensor?
Does the B1 appear as a switch in IFTTT? I have one in the post, so don’t know. In one place on their website it says it works with IFTTT and another it isn’t included in the devices that work in IFTTT. If it does then link EWeLink to IFTTT and send a webhook to which has a timer and can send a webhook back to IFTTT, which can go back to EWeLink. The countdown timer is in the ‘advanced setting’ when you create a logic block. If it doesn’t I think it depends if you have a normal switch you can add to your scene.
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