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Sonoff WiFi + RF version unable to pair- high failure rate!

I received FOUR Sonoff (single channel) switches today direct from China. Two of them were the BASIC version (Wifi only) and these paired easily (and updated firmware) with my wifi. Unfortunately the two Wifi+RF units would not connect (LEDs showing setup mode) although they do work with an RF dongle. Sadly this is the second batch of Sonoff switches I have received and BOTH orders have had a 50% failure rate! All units were setup using the same network. The two Wifi+RF units have tags with DA4154A [28-12-F03] .Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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If it helps I'll add the following information- Model Number ITA-GZ1-GL

Serial NumbersĀ 



Tried one of them connecting via temporary Hot-spot on one of my mobile phones-- that worked BUT of course I can't use that all the tethering is not permitted on my phone contract.

Tried setting my TP-Link router to use DNS and -- no change.

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