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Setup based on a Sonoff basic flashed with the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware issue

I've the following setup based on a Sonoff basic flashed with the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware.

I've connected a wall switch (not push button) to the GPI14 and GND pin header of the Sonoff in order to be able to control the state of the lamp not only with the WIFI but with physical input has well. The the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware allow to sense the change of the Input (ON->OFF or OFF->ON) of the GPIO14 an reflect this input change to the status of the LAMP.

Sonoff setup

This setup has worked perfectly for weeks. But since a couple of day the the lamp is flickering (ON->OFF, OFF->ON in intermittence).

Bug reports are available which are describing the same issue but all off them conclude that the issue is not software but hardware related. The following remediation are proposed:

Install an extra restore (5-10KOhm) between GPIO14 and 3.3V headersAditionally to step one (pull-up restore) install a capacitor between GPIO14 and GND


What is really happening (the logs clearly showed a change of the GPIO14 input ON->OFF / OFF->ON) ?

There are already pull-up resistors available on GPIO14 according to this, why would add an other solve the problem ? I've got some capacitors from kynix: Can I use them?

Is there an other way to address this issue ?

For your own peace of mind I would monitor the output of the switch to the Sonoff with an oscilloscope whilst it is flickering. You will see what is exactly is going on and reassure yourself that the Sonoff is responding appropriately. Once you know the sonoff is changing appropriately you can try to figure out why the voltage is changing. If it is not the Sonoff then I’d wonder about the Switch next if it has worked for weeks, but not recently. If the flickering is quick you can probably sort it with just extra software compensation. Is the flickering when the switch is closed or also when it is open?

This looks like an interesting setup.

Is your Sonoff installed by the light switch or the light itself?   If by the lights, did you run a new wire from the Sonoff to the switch, or use existing wiring? 


I need the same setup, but i want to know whether you have used MQtt for this project, Can you please guide me on this? 

Hi, could you help please. I have just purchased a Sonoff Basic to control 3 outside lights,each light consists of 2x35w bulbs giving a total power requirement of 310w The controller switches on the lights but after approx half of one second the lights switch off. The unit clicks on and off continuously . Could you help please. Thank you

Silly question, but you have got the mains going in the right side, or it'll power itself off when the relay operates and then try to restore this when the power comes back on again etc etc

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