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ewelink Network connection error

Using my android phone, keep getting network connection error on ewelink.

I removed the software, reinstalled, same issue.

Disconnected and reconnected all my sonoff devices to wifi.

Reset my router and wifi extenders.

My internet and network locally is working perfectly.

My sonoff devices work perfectly with alexa and EWElink skill.

App on my android keep giving network connection error. I have logged out, logged back in, tried on wifi, on cellular

cleared cache, cleared all settings. rebooted my phone, same problem keep occurring.

Any ideas? Is this a server side issue or is this a phone issue and what could I possibly do that I haven't done already to fix it.

I generally dont touch the app, but I still prefer to have it function.

Also lately I have noticed the app keeps making me sign in randomly. sometimes if I open it and try a switch it will kick me out to login screen and ask me to sign in again.


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Yes, similar probl,em to connect with, ewelink but I´m ussing iPhone 6

unable to connect to ewelink app on iPhone or android. says network error.

try with different net connections. fibre, adsl or 4G.

all my sonoff devices are disconnected and blink twice

i spend more then 2 hours with my routers and local network.... then i found that FORUM....

WTF, it can't be like that that we paying for stuff, buying lot of them, connecting with important equipment and ITS F#*($ NOT WORKING!! Have important stuff connected to it and can't control it!


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The same issue at me. It is not first time. Any idea what happened ?

green light on it LIGHTS ALL THE TIME (no blinks)

anybody know something?

After latest update,when login app it shows that "Network Unavailable"

Same here for last few days, opened a ticket, posted on their twitter and facebook, no reply, no rectification. Poor show!

no link only with google home !!!!!!!

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I have the same problem, the green LED on SONOFF device is fixed on and the eWelink APP indicates "Network Unavailable"

What is the process to resolve it?

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