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Some devices do not appear in scenes

When I go to create a scene one of my TH16 and my RF bridge alarms dont appear in the list as either a trigger or action?

I am using the IOS app version 3.1.5

3 people have this problem

I have the same problem,  No tigers from bridge are available in Scenes

There are 3 kinds of scene, some products can be supported while some can not. Check out what products can be supported here:

Alarms from the RF link should be usable as a trigger for a scene but it doesn't appear as an option for me, my TH16's have now appeared since I plugged a temperature sensor in but without the sensor they don't.


I can confirm that TH devices do not appear as triggers in scene's

My TH devices appear as a trigger (with temperature sensor as the value to trigger the scene) but not in the devices that can be turned on or off...
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