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Some devices do not appear in scenes

When I go to create a scene one of my TH16 and my RF bridge alarms dont appear in the list as either a trigger or action?

I am using the IOS app version 3.1.5

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I have the same problem,  No tigers from bridge are available in Scenes

There are 3 kinds of scene, some products can be supported while some can not. Check out what products can be supported here:

Alarms from the RF link should be usable as a trigger for a scene but it doesn't appear as an option for me, my TH16's have now appeared since I plugged a temperature sensor in but without the sensor they don't.


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I can confirm that TH devices do not appear as triggers in scene's

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My TH devices appear as a trigger (with temperature sensor as the value to trigger the scene) but not in the devices that can be turned on or off...

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Sonoff TH16 cannot be added to Scenes Actions. I see no reason why this is not supported by ewelink. Is it possible to update this in the future?

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Still cannot add on/off action if sunset/sunrise to th16r2.

Same, I see my TH16 in triggers (so I can set temperature) but when I go to Add action /turn the device on or off/, I see only "no devices yet". If I am not in "Scene" menu, but in my "Home" menu, I see the device there and can access it without a problem. This is super annoying as I would like to set different trigger temperatures depending on time of day, but it is not possible.

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All here have the same problem, but no answer!!! Nada!

There are two scenarios for TH not showing up in scene. 

If you can't find your TH device in the condition section .

To fix this, make sure the sensor of the TH device is plugged in correctly. 

If it still does not show up after you pull out the sensor and plug it in again, Hotstar premium free, then there could be some hardware related issue with it. Please contact your seller or manufacturer in tricksflow.

Cautions from the RF connection should be usable as a trigger for a scene however it doesn't show up as a possibility for me, my TH16's have now showed up vpn black friday deals

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There are two scenarios for TH not showing up in scene.

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