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Advanced / Conditional rules - Critical

In my country we run an online web store where we primarily sell Sonoff equipment. However - we wish to expand as well and I've been testing a range of other systems. My house is messy with 4 different hubs, 6 different PIRs and plenty different sensors while I test. I think I have a request based on my own trials and customers we've dealt with : Rules! Rules! Rules!

I can set rules on one of my systems like the below : 

If *front door* opens between 18:00 - 06:00, then switch on *lamp* for 30 seconds after *front door* closes.

This is the biggest thing Sonoff is lacking. I can have a trigger (door sensor/PIR) that switches on/off something - but that's it

I'm really hoping someone at Sonoff reads this and adds to the software, because currently I feel the hardware is great - but there are better systems when it comes to software.

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If we got Stringify integration this would be readily possible, along with a million other things.


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