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Sonoff T1 UK light switch offline, easy reboot?

I wired up my Sonoff light switch and got it paired and it was controllable via the ewelink app. However, after a few days, it now says it's offline, the LED blinks once every second, which seems to mean it failed to connect to WiFi. I guess a reboot would be useful, but it's a light switch... Wired in... I can't be switching the house mains off whenever one light switch loses connection. Is there a better method? Something to do with the button on the front? Holding it down will put it back into pairing mode and I could try setting it up I suppose?

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I've ended up wiring the switch into a plug socket so I can switch it on and off. Hopefully the connection proves more reliable anyway in future.

Same issue happening with me .. other sonoff switches (Sonoff RF) has a stable light from which I can tell that the servers are up .. BTW if you remove the face plate there is a small white push button on the board with which you can reset it and then it comes online. 

I didn't realise that button existed there until I opened it up to flash tasmota. I think I'm glad to have just rewired it into a socket anyway as that's quite easy to toggle off and on if there's a problem.
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