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IFTTT running eWeLink scenes

Is there any way to get IFTTT to operate an eWeLink scene? Or at least set multiple single channel switches at the same time? I have 4 x T1 switches and i want my Google home to be able to control specific groups switches so i can set movie lighting or similar. I've searched the forum but can't find a way to do it.

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Edit: I have 4 x Sonoff Basic switches not T1s. My bad.
Yea I second this. I'm trying to setup geofencing trough ifttt, but doing it for each of the 20+ lights is gonna be tedious!

Vuoi superare i limiti di programmazione Sonoff eWeLink ? Utilizzando Sonoff IFTTT e Stringify puoi realizzare qualsiasi scenario complesso di funzionamento. La mia guida completa in italiano a IFTTT Sonoff.


Sonoff IFTTT eWeLink Stringify | Guida completa in italiano a IFTTT Sonoff

I notice scenes are now showing up in Google Home as devices. You can say ACTIVATE scene name or turn them on to trigger them. Still not working in IFTTT though.

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How were you able to see scenes in google home?? Only devices are showing up on mine.

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I just created a manual/tap to run scene called "Scene test" with the eWelink app. After I told Google assistant to "sync devices" it showed up as a device under Settings/Assistant/Home control.

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I was also having the same issue with controlling multiple devices in sync - eWeLink scenes and IFTTT apps work fine if you tap the ON/OFF button manually in eWeLink, but not through automated apps using scenes or IFTTT.  Here's how I finally managed to solve this dilemma:  Create two IFTTT apps using the same Sonoff switch as the "If" - one app for ON, the other app for OFF.  For the ON app, use Google sheets for the "then" pick a name for the sheet, choose "change a cell..." and enter A1.  For the OFF app, use Google sheets and the same sheet for the "then" and enter A2.  Now, A1 will be updated whenever the switch turns ON and A2 will be updated whenever it turns OFF.  For each of the other switches you want to control, create an IFTTT app, using the same Google sheet and cell A1 for the "If" , your other Sonoff switch and "On" for the "Then"; then another app with the same Google sheet and cell A2 for the "Then", your other Sonoff switch and "Off" for the "Then".  Now I can use one Sonoff switch to  control an additional switch, and I think that  it should work for additional switches as well - just two additional apps are needed for each switch to be controlled.  Sometimes, it takes a minute or two for the additional switch to respond, probably due to internet traffic, but so far, it has been working consistently for me.  I'm not sure why this approach works while others don't, but at least there is this one solution.

hello everyone, I wanted to understand how you can see ewelink scenes on google home. doing various synchronizations I don't see them in the home tab

Hi Silvio, just make google home re-syncronize with ewelink.  You can reconfigure the ewelink service or just say "Hey Google Syncronize devices" and they will probably start showing up

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Ciao Mario, ho già provato molte volte, ma sembra che non funzioni.
Hi Silvio, a clarification. I only see those scenes of type "tap to perform". The rest does not show at all. Can you try adding a new "tap to perform" scene , resynchronize and see if it shows up?

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Ciao Mario, grazie per la info ... infatti la scena "tocca per eseguire" dopo la sincronizzazione la vedo. Credevo che qualsiasi scena si potesse vedere. Di fatto nesuuno, a parte te, mi aveva fatto questo chiarimento.. Grazie mille!!
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