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IFTTT running eWeLink scenes

Is there any way to get IFTTT to operate an eWeLink scene? Or at least set multiple single channel switches at the same time? I have 4 x T1 switches and i want my Google home to be able to control specific groups switches so i can set movie lighting or similar. I've searched the forum but can't find a way to do it.

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Edit: I have 4 x Sonoff Basic switches not T1s. My bad.
Yea I second this. I'm trying to setup geofencing trough ifttt, but doing it for each of the 20+ lights is gonna be tedious!

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I notice scenes are now showing up in Google Home as devices. You can say ACTIVATE scene name or turn them on to trigger them. Still not working in IFTTT though.

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How were you able to see scenes in google home?? Only devices are showing up on mine.

I just created a manual/tap to run scene called "Scene test" with the eWelink app. After I told Google assistant to "sync devices" it showed up as a device under Settings/Assistant/Home control.

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