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Thanks to the Sonoff/ itead teams

Hello, I would just like to say thanks to the sonoff teams for getting things back up and running regarding the server issues. Having dealt with customers I know companies only hear from us when we have complaints. Equally so I think its important for team morale that ceedit is given when due. So thank you from me, my sonoff infrastructure has been working flawless for 2 days. And I am sure when everything is back 100% you will have many more thankyous from customers. MOA.

Thanks for getting IFTTT back working!  I am hopeful that the service can be expanded now that it is set up with new systems.  I would like to see the ability to set schedules and timers through IFTTT.

Im sure sonoff staff can confirm that the first product I set upv in my house was November or December 2017. I dont insult people wothout reason. So n aybe you should refink your previous posts. Read thread titles they are indication of what the topic is. Im a customer like you with no shares in the company.
Little plebs ?? like me ??

Thanks and for the tenmillionth of time you confirm my thoughts of people on the internet in one answer.
Or am I mistaken and do you own stock or any other interest in itead ?

Ah no,most of you only are here to start insulting as soon as somenone postst an answer that is not in your way of accepting reality as it is, just a way to make fast money and no interest in users problems.

I hope someday you all go dissapear of this planet, it would make life so much better.


This is a thread to thank the team, not for complaints or digs. So unless you cant read your in the wrong thread for a start.
Then you have just answered your own question. Little plebs like you doesnt deserve anyones answer hence why I answered you out of pitty.
Pair it again is a standard, you are a pain in the a**, answer and really the person is not really interested in hearing the problem or ask what deeper into the matter. I have a bridge here thats f*cked up by their latest update and totally useles on our previously programmed switches. Pain ? Hell jeah
I feel your pain dood I really do. When you do the proper maths though, assets, staff, government contributions, holiday entitlement not including the call centre running costs.... There is no way a business could legitimate afford to do this at the price these guys sell the hardware @. What it does however pay for is manufacturing costs, server costs (AWS is expensive but the best), 24 hour ticket support (number depending) and basic wages. If they keep the servers sweet everything will be fine. So personally based on above its only fair to say they do extremely well.
Does that mean that itead support departement will react quicker on customer quistions too ? That really deserves a well ment thank you, otherwise we would still be left in the dark about practically everything as far as I read in the various topics.
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