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AM2301, DS18B20, si7021

Hello All, So we have a great selection of sensors for the TH10 & 16 but what are the main differences? I understand that AM2301 (temperature & humidity) , DS18B20 (temperature) & si7021 (temperature & humidity). But what are the main differences between AM2301 & si7021? Thanks in advance, MOA.

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How do I know what sensor to by for my TH16?

I remember reading somewhere that the Si7021 was more accurate although I can't find where I read that and there was nothing to back it up.

You can read here that the Si7021 is highly recommend. But the description was more clear where they strongly recommend one option because that was more precise.

Recent purchases of Si7021 is having problem of loosing temperature reading for 2 secs causing TH switches for same time troubling connected load. Many people reported similar problem in the forum. May verify before purchase.

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