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Sonoff RF Bridge & compatable accessories

Hi Guys N Gals, I recently purchased a RF Bridge but I am struggling to find any use for it in my smart home infrastructure. Part of the reason I purchased it was hopefully for alert features from devices such as motion sensors and various other alarm features. On that topic the marketing material of the product indicates things like smoke alarms and push/ dorbell buttons but I cant find any branded. Therefore I am looking for peoples suggestions on uses as a whole for the RF Bridge and a full list of sonoff branded and other non sonoff products that have been tried and tested by our users. For instance does anyone know or use another branded doorbell that works or are you using a smoke or gas alarm that connects to the unit and provides you alerts via the apk? Thanks in advance, MOA.

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In theory it connects any RF device with a constant RF code (although not many). My experience is that 4 or 4 remotes I have didn’t pair, whereas the Broadlink RM Pro got all 4. Now it won’t connect to wifi at all even though I’ve now bought Sonoff’s own remote to test as a trigger for scenes. Sonoff have their own 4 button remote, PIR sensor and door sensor, which I assume work, but I’d get concrete proof anything else works before buying…

The Sonoff Magnetic Contact Door/Window sensor can be set as an alarm sensor on the RF Bridge.  This alarm can be used to trigger a scene created in the eWelink app (this only started working recently). 

Unfortunately, it doesn't currently work in IFTTT and so cannot be used to trigger any actions with other products (although it can trigger a button press for a remote that is paired with the RF Bridge). 

Unfortunately my Bridge has stopped working so I can’t test something: If a trigger occurs (eg the magnet door thing) and it turns on a switch called “Example” and if you have an IFTTT linked to “example” being turned on would you indirectly be able to trigger an IFTTT action? I have a Broadlink RM pro which has infrared as well as RF and lets you turn the TV off etc. as part of their ‘scenes’. I was thinking of linking it to a Sonoff Bridge and hence to sonoff switches and hence IFTTT (when they have mended the IFTTT connection). Can’t test it though as my Sonoff Bridge has gone nuts.
My bridge stopped learning after fw update and I guess Sonoff is fencing off its device completely to gain revenue and sell only sonoff products forbusecwith their bridge.

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Thanks guys for your feedback. Can a member of staff from iteadstudio help us distinguish a list of known devices? Going by the product marketing I take it push buttons, smoke/ gas alarms and sirens are in development and if so when are we looking at release dates? Thanks in advance, MOA.
Not sure there are very many of them.

I have got my RF Bridge to switch RF Light switches on and off.  I can then control my RF Lights from Google Home.  It works pretty well so far.

I think the reason I would like IFTTT too is that IFTTT integration would allow integration with the weather/sunset/geolocation and if you linked with then you could have timers and more complex conditions than is possible with EWeLink scenes. By the looks of things every IFTTT integration is a 1/2/3/4 Switch and the same thing is copied over to plug sockets/bulbs etc. Unfortunately I am still waiting for them to accept my Bridge is broken and replace it but, from memory, there are 16 buttons and no feedback possibility so I’m not very hopeful.

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I had very difficult to pair the device with app and after at last added in app as Rf sensor and added the door contact only 4 their is no choice of adding any more maximum 4 device only 

during Alarm door contact opens does't recognized which door is has open their is no option to choose door description it just common alarm notification pup-up on phone app 

the sonoff wiki page - -  lists code encodings the bridge supports - PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527. Is a sensor using one of those guaranteed to work? e.g. this one:

I'd love to connect a number of smoke alarms to it, but don't want to buy a handful just to find one that works.

My bridge hasn’t connected even to the ewelink app for over six months. I thought they’d just replace it after some testing, but I haven’t heard from them in months. The IFTTT integration is pants anyway. Look elsewhere.
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