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Google home down

The connection to Google home seems to be down. I get a 502 error

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I am getting an error when trying to control Sonoff Devices that are linked through eWeLink. Google Home can not control any of my Sonoff devices.

I get a 502 Bad Gateway HTML error when attempting to unlink and re-link my eWeLink account to my Google home.

Are you servers down?

If so, what is ETA for restoration of service?

Thad Broome

It is also down on amazon alexa. seems is down bad gateway

via web sais forbidden.

Hope they fix it soon. I unlinked when it was not working and now cannot relink.

Mine wasn’t working, although my post saying that never appeared. This morning I just checked and it is okay again.
Thanks for the update that it is working again! Set everything back up

I have been faced issues while i tried to move my all emails from Gmail to outlook then i got an error then I took assistance from Outlook Not Implemented team and they assisted me perfectly to resolved my issues.

This is not a big issue at all. This problem is due to the slow internet connection. You should check the Router or you may take help from Wii error code 51330. I have also taken help from them for the same issue. It helps me a lot. 

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