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Power cut at ahome

Curious what others feel about a push notification to notify if power has gone off? 

In South Africa, we have a fair amount of cuts and would be great to know if - while away - the power cuts.

To me that sounds good, although we rarely get power cuts in London. My burglar alarm changes colour if it happens. If you have a spare Switch you could do this yourself (or you don’t mind something turning on after a powercut). There is an option to turn on after a power cut on all the switches I have and then in settings you can ask to be notified about being turned on. Waste of a bit of spare Switch though. I think the cheapest (current) way to it would be to get an SV board and come next it to 5V from a USB power supply.
It would be great if we had the option to switch back on to where they should be time wize
If they reinstitute the IFTTT link you could do this via Apilio. If the switch should be off on the timetable it would turn on for a few seconds whilst the device checked with IFTTT & Apilio.
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