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IO terminals on the Sonoffs. Especially the Pro 4CH

I've been using several of the Sonoffs. (Primary the TH16, Pow and Pro CH4.) The builtin fw (before the IFTTT update) was fairly useless, so I reflash all devices. Which is fortunate, as the combo with simple Arduino OTA + Blynk is absolutely fantastic. 

However, I've come to a point where the Sonoffs become too limited and troublesome: There're no IO terminals! Most of the devices has some hidden IOs, that can be accessed with soldering. (Which is annoying!) The Sonoffs TH has 1 IO, that can be accessed through a 4 pin jack. That's much better than no exposed IO, but the mini jack plug is still annoying to work with and it's not suitable for long term installations. 

The Sonoff Pro 4CH will have to compete with devices as the Industruino. Unlike Sonoff they all have plenty of IO terminals. The price is not that different from a Pro 4CH. Unfortunately they have no builtin WiFi. (Only hacks.) But that might only be a matter of time?

So, more exposed IOs, accessible through exposed terminals!

This feature request is the same (more or less) as the following:

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I agree. I haven’t flashed any yet as I can’t find my USB serial device, but it would be much nicer if more could be done. With the upcoming control over LAN they should also allow the first non-them firmware upgrade to be OTA. Incidentally the Sonoff SV has 3 pins exposed and they already have pin headers soldered on. There are actually 9 pins; I was going to find a circuit diagram and figure out what they actually are. The terminals for reflashing the firmware don’t have pins soldered on, which is an odd choice as I can’t think how you can access those pins without reflashing the firmware. Possibly they think people want to attach a more long term solution so they can have permanent serial communication via cables. There are two resistors you can remove to isolate the control and action circuits, which allows use of higher AC currents than is standard with the board - from memory I think they say 250V and 10A. There’s no box though & Sonoff don’t sell one.
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