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RF Bridge: 2 different hardware versions ?

I seem to find differently looking hardware versions for the Sonoff RF Bridge (pictures below + look at Itead, AliExpress, Banggood,...). What is the difference between them? Is the difference only esthetical, of is there also a functionality difference ? 
If functionality is different, where can we find a comparison? Itead website seems to show only the 2nd picture. But e.g. Banggood website shows customer pictures of the first picture.



Nobody knows the answer ? 

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This is something I would like to know too! The upper image (rounded case) shows the v2.0 and the lower image (only two less on top) shows the older version containing the board v1.0.

But what is the difference concerning the boards?

I also wanted to know the difference
I also to wanted to know the difference  ?

Here's the answer I received from itead via Facebook messenger: "they are the same, we just change the enclosure"

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