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Indicator LED Should Display On/Off State Of Device

The LED Light which currently only serves as a Wi-Fi programming and Power On indicator should also include the Devices current On/Off state.

Not having a visual Indicator of the units Power On/Off condition is very much needed for countless applications.

Most similar products have some indication of ON/OFF for convenience and safety.

Possibly changing the one color LED to a Bi-Color (Red/Green) to indicate the various conditions needed.

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I agree & it is a useful feature on the Th16, Pow and 4Ch I have. I think maybe it is a size thing. The Basic only has 1 LED. I haven’t looked closely enough at the circuit to see if it can be changed by firmware or if it is hardwired in. That it flashes when connecting to wifi and in pairing mode suggests they could probably change it with firmware. I’d prefer it if they just turned off when connected to wifi, but can see the advantage of a setting in the App for troubleshooting.
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