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Sonoff S20 UK - Compatibility with UK Plugs?


I've just received an S20, UK version with plug to suit UK power outlets, and that appears to work perfectly well plugging into either fixed power socket or into an extension lead.   On the front there's a socket which looks like it's meant to be a UK standard one, but none of the plugs that I've tried can actually fit.  The shutter is the wrong size or shape or something, and does not open when you try to plug in.

Anyone else come across this?  It makes the device basically useless, the retailer has offered to exchange it or refund, but I thought I'd quickly ask whether this is a common and/or known problem.


I have just tried 14 plugs of every description and age, from my kitchen. All fitted without wiggle. One or two were tight. None had to be banged in. All plugs in kitchen are static and not moved from socket to socket.

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Another point of view is that if you make items exactly to design spec, unless you build in tolerance, they often have problems fitting. So the angle of the shutter blade might need a redesign to allow for tight tolerances. If you get my drift.

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Mine's dated 17/12/07 presumably 7th Dec 2017 on the white sticker and 2017 11 10 on the pink one like you show.  I can open the shutter by lifting it upwards with a screwdriver, but not by pushing anything that I've tried against the ramp.  Could be the ramp is too rough, or that pressure pushes the shutter against something behind which stops it sliding upwards.  Either way the shutter can be lifted manually, but not operated by anything pushed straight in.

As for whether it's my Sonoff, or my plugs that are different I think any alternative view is a little far fetched.  I've tested with standalone plugs of MK and Duraplug brands, and the plugs supplied with or fitted to equipment from Sony, DeWalt, Draper, Cisco, TP-Link, Billion, Hotpoint and Humax.  All fit without issue into MK and Hager power points and into all sorts of branded and unbranded extension leads and adapters.  What's the likelihood that all of these plugs are of a particular size/shape that affects only their fit into the Sonoff?   And the likelihood that every single one of Michael O'Donnell's plugs is of some other size or shape which does fit?  

In any case it's commonplace that one doesn't have to mess around matching plugs and sockets.  Barring damaged or defective parts any BS1363 plug fits any BS1363 socket.  You don't wander round the house trying to remember which socket works for the hoover.

I may be able to get my hands on another S20 to compare, but I think my findings are pretty definitive so far.


I have a couple of the uk ones and all my plugs fit, they are a tight fit but do go in and the shutter system on the socket works well, so there isnt live sockets on view Maybe the shutter system isnt operating correctly. Stick a non metallic stick into the eart and see iff the shutter moves on the l and n sockets
Thanks, sounds like it might be worth trying a replacement.  The shutter moves and opens the L and N openings, but just must be the wrong shape or design to be opened by a normal UK plug.  Hope the replacement is better made.   By the way I note that Sonoff don't appear to claim either CE compliance or BS1363, so I guess we're on our own using these products in the UK. 


I think the website has downloads of the CE certificates: (and FCC/RoHS) Don’t know what it involves mind. Thought it was illegal to sell stuff that was not CE. Even Big companies like Amazon have them direct from Itead. I only have one and will have a look for a marker on the device too. I wouldn’t have bought one if they weren’t.
You're quite correct, thanks for the link, and it looks as if they have CE declarations for all their products. 


No worries. There is a silver sticker on mine with CE and RoHS on it, but they’ve partly put another white sticker over it. It doesn’t look carefully done and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had covered yours. Not that, if the test is as poor as the one for bike helmets, it means much. I am more reassured by the YouTube videos of people overloading them with current and seeing when they catch fire. That and if you open a device the large voltage tracks are nice and chunky.
Well, just heard back from the retailer and it sounds like all his stock is the same, all he's offering is a very small discount which doesn't really help.  I suppose if it was cheap enough I might consider dismantling to see whether I can modify the shutter.  Or may be even remove it altogether (making it non-compliance with UK standards).    Quite disappointing really.


Plugs work fine. You need to press HARD to insert fully.

Mine doesn’t require that much force. I’m giving it to my brother as I’m happy with wiring in the switches. If a device has an earth it requires voiding the warranty and removing the plug to feed the earth wire through, but as you can get a basic for £4.30 and for less than you pay for a socket you can get a POW that measures KW/h…it don’t make sense unless you hate screwdrivers. Even for devices with earth wires and molded on plugs a new 13A CE plug is just £1 from a pound shop.
Plugs work fine. You need to press HARD to insert fully.
Not the case with the one I have, even pushing hard enough for the earth pin to make a dent in the ramp of the shutter.
My plan B (once I've returned the dud S20) is that I have a couple of dead powerline adapters (killed by lightning) with the same pass through format.  I could gut those and hard wire in the circuit board from a Sonoff Basic to get the same end result. 



I had some remote sockets that I bought from one of the sheds years ok. Recently, they started playing up, to went the Sonoff route. I did think about repurposing them with Sonoff PCBs, but decided against it. They main problem I have, is that Alexa doesn't understand my wife's mangled English! Would really love an S20RF, so she could use an RF remote.
Can Alexa not do multiple languages? I don’t have one, but I have a google home. You can set the assistant language for each person. As the two devices essentially replicate each other’s Functionality if expect it to be able to do this by now. It’s been on google since the spring. Something in Chinese sounds like ‘hey google’ - I was going to get a Chinese friend to set up an account in Chineseand see if it stopped it.
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