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Sonoff S20 UK - Compatibility with UK Plugs?


I've just received an S20, UK version with plug to suit UK power outlets, and that appears to work perfectly well plugging into either fixed power socket or into an extension lead.   On the front there's a socket which looks like it's meant to be a UK standard one, but none of the plugs that I've tried can actually fit.  The shutter is the wrong size or shape or something, and does not open when you try to plug in.

Anyone else come across this?  It makes the device basically useless, the retailer has offered to exchange it or refund, but I thought I'd quickly ask whether this is a common and/or known problem.


Mine's dated 17/12/07 presumably 7th Dec 2017 on the white sticker and 2017 11 10 on the pink one like you show.  I can open the shutter by lifting it upwards with a screwdriver, but not by pushing anything that I've tried against the ramp.  Could be the ramp is too rough, or that pressure pushes the shutter against something behind which stops it sliding upwards.  Either way the shutter can be lifted manually, but not operated by anything pushed straight in.

As for whether it's my Sonoff, or my plugs that are different I think any alternative view is a little far fetched.  I've tested with standalone plugs of MK and Duraplug brands, and the plugs supplied with or fitted to equipment from Sony, DeWalt, Draper, Cisco, TP-Link, Billion, Hotpoint and Humax.  All fit without issue into MK and Hager power points and into all sorts of branded and unbranded extension leads and adapters.  What's the likelihood that all of these plugs are of a particular size/shape that affects only their fit into the Sonoff?   And the likelihood that every single one of Michael O'Donnell's plugs is of some other size or shape which does fit?  

In any case it's commonplace that one doesn't have to mess around matching plugs and sockets.  Barring damaged or defective parts any BS1363 plug fits any BS1363 socket.  You don't wander round the house trying to remember which socket works for the hoover.

I may be able to get my hands on another S20 to compare, but I think my findings are pretty definitive so far.


Date on mine is 2017-9-10, pic attached for the imprint also
You might have misunderstood me, any of my findings are from the same socket using different plugs. I understand you have tried many plugs. However if you find that a different Sonoff socket fits one of the plugs you tried ... Then we can begin to state there is a difference in the Sonoff sockets. I don't think this has been confirmed. But the variation in plugs I can attest to that which might lead people into thinking that it's a batch issue. I tried the same plugs on the second socket I purchased and the findings were identical. Can you move the shutter with a screwdriver? I have an imprint on the shutter from using pressure on the plug, that same plug that didn't go in will now open the shutter with ease, initially I did honestly think it wasn't going to go in but after opening and closing the shutter a few times it went in with a little push.
I only have one. It looks like the plug parts are designed to be easily varied. I have tested 5 different plugs, including an extension from a pound shop. They all fit in normally. I am doing nothing but pushing them in. There is a date on a white sticker on the back. It is 17/11/14.
"Tony it's not a batch problem. It's the variation on plugs."  Clearly there is some variation in the product since posters in this thread have found differences from needing a lot of force, or not needing a lot of force, needing wiggling (Like yours) or not needing wiggling.  Batch rather than random variation might explain the retailer whose whole stock is faulty.
I agree that there must be some tolerance allowed in the size/shape of BS1363 plugs, but any plug should fit any socket.  I don't have any sockets either in the fixed wiring or on appliances that are fussy and accept some plugs and not others.

"If all plugs didn't fit I would blame the Sonoff,"  Exactly my point. None fit.   Do I need to list all those that I've tried?


Another point of view is that if you make items exactly to design spec, unless you build in tolerance, they often have problems fitting. So the angle of the shutter blade might need a redesign to allow for tight tolerances. If you get my drift.

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Tony it's not a batch problem. It's the variation on plugs. If all plugs didn't fit I would blame the Sonoff, but when one doesn't fit on first try and another does then that to me makes sense that it's down to plug variation. Could they change the design to help this? Maybe but I am just putting down to the spring needing breaking in. Using a screwdriver will help loosen it by opening the shutter a few times. The plug that stuck initially now goes in a lot easier as the spring as adjusted.
So it sounds as if there's a lot of variation.  I have tried about 10 plugs and none will fit no matter how much force or how much wriggling.  Of course there's no special reason to try lots of different plugs because the size and shape is quite clearly defined.  I made sure to check with a newish branded (MK) as well as the moulded plugs on reputable appliances.  The ramp for the shutter is either in the wrong place, or maybe deflects and jams, either way it just doesn't work..  You can push it up easily with a tool, but a plug just digs in.   Conversely others on this thread have found (a) fits but needs a lot of force (b) fits but needs wiggling or (c) fits normally.

Maybe a batch problem or lower standards in later production, given that posters on here seem unable to believe what I've found, yet the retailer says all his stock has the problem I've reported.   Anyway there's no point in buying a product where the supplier themselves won't promise that a plug can be made to fit.

Would be interested in Itead's view.


First one I tried, it didn't fit. I don't believe all plugs are identical. I tried another plug and it fit without any wiggle.
I have just tried 14 plugs of every description and age, from my kitchen. All fitted without wiggle. One or two were tight. None had to be banged in. All plugs in kitchen are static and not moved from socket to socket.

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It might help if you push the shutter up and down to loosen it a little with a screwdriver, should help with taking its virginity
Just to be clear, they do work it's just you have to wiggle it a little, I do find this on a few devices that are designed and manufactured outside the UK plug area. I bought 2 and they both can plug into each other with ease so really it will only be an issue on some plugs possibly but circumvented by a little wiggle to put them in place. Have 2 up and running now.
Retailer has again confirmed that none of his stock is any better.  Rather than go through the trouble of returning it, I've accepted a refund that effectively make the price so low I'm happy just ripping it to bits and using the electronics for something.
Disappointing though, I would really like something like that S20, but I guess I need to look for a different brand.


Just experienced the same issue, you have wiggle the plug a bit as the lifting ramp could have been a little higher in the design. You can mimic the lift with a small screwdriver on the ground pin entry (obviously when it's not plugged in of course)
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