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Link to Google Home not working

I added a new switch to my eWeLink app and went to Google home to relink so that the switch was visible.  The link appeared to work and the devices, including the new switch appeared in the list, however, when I attempt to turn the switch on or off from Google Home, I get a response "Sorry there was an error and I am unable to control your home device"

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Saying resync my services did not work for me. I unlinked to add another light switch and after I relink I can see the devices in their rooms but Google home says the devices are not configured yet, but they are. Tryed this tons of times.
hi,i have buy two switch sonoff,i have add one device with app eWelink and after i have connect my account with google home and all work perfect..when i have add the second device in the app eWelink all ok,after i enter in google home for add new device and necessary unlink ewelink,but when i try the login in my ewelink account by google home dont connect. please help me,my account is thanks for support
Same issue for me. I cannot re-link to my google home.

 It can be down but it should show a page telling that to avoid us retry again and again

 I am in France. Where are you from Graeme ? the server may not be the same ?

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