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Link to Google Home not working

I added a new switch to my eWeLink app and went to Google home to relink so that the switch was visible.  The link appeared to work and the devices, including the new switch appeared in the list, however, when I attempt to turn the switch on or off from Google Home, I get a response "Sorry there was an error and I am unable to control your home device"

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You can also say to Google: "Resync my devices".  That should get it to see the devices again.  You can use this instead of re-linking your account.

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Saying resync my services did not work for me. I unlinked to add another light switch and after I relink I can see the devices in their rooms but Google home says the devices are not configured yet, but they are. Tryed this tons of times.
I'm now getting this problem again here in the UK. It started today 24hrs after the app was updated on my phone now none of my sonoff devices work via Google home they only work via the app. What's happened and what can I do to resolve this issue?

i have the same issue  works with ewelink app but not google assistant, my last update was 31st October for the ewelink app on android

I have the same issue too. it works with ewelink app but not with google assistant. Last update was today for ewelink app

also i same problem,ewelink work only on app on my iphone,dont work with google home
same problem here too (Germany), eWlink works fine,  google home responds that there is an error.....


I also have this problem. I have two switches that work good in the welink app. But Google home / assistant says there is an error.
The same also in Italy... ☹️
Use command "Resync my devices" on Google Assistant. That solved my problems after 2 hours of tring everything.

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Yes Mirko, now it works... but... what caused this problem ??
Don't know. :-(

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anyway thank you very much for your help 

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Checked this morning and all is now working with Google home. Looking at the threads it looks like another European server has been down... come on guys stability is key to smart home technology, you need more resilient solutions in place.

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Working again but they really must get their act together with this or I’ll be ditching the devices
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