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Can sonoff be connected to an extension cable ?

I connected my sonoff to an extension cable and I plugged in my desk fan to it. Configured it with ewelink and tried to use Google home to voice activated it. I can turn the power supply on and off but can't actually TURN ON OFF the fan. I can hear the sonoff turn on off sound. Is it becos it's on an extension cable and not direct to the fan ? Is sonoff device a one to one device ? As in one sonoff one appliance ? And not one sonoff to multiple appliance via an extension cable ?

Is the sonoff in series with the extension cord?  From the male plug connect N and L to sonoff input.  To the female outlet(s) connect N and L to sonoff output.  If ground or earth wire is present it should bypass the sonoff.  Whatever is plugged into the extension cord outlet(s) will be switched.  Be aware the max current load on a sonoff basic is 10 amps!

Hi EW, i have asked an electrician to connect N and L to sonoff input and also N and L to sonoff output TO AN EXTENSION CABLE.  I have plugged my deskfan to the extension cable and configured it with ewelink. I can pair it to my phone ewelink app. But when I turn ON and OFF via the app, the switch light on the extension cable can be seen on and off but that doesnt turn on and off the fan. It kind of switches the power supply on and off only.  Is sonoff supposed to work this way ?

Is the switch on the fan itself in the on position?  The sonoff just makes and breaks the Line wire passing through it.   The fan switch must be on for the fan to work with the sonoff as it just switches "upstream" so to speak.

The deskfan has a remote that turns ON and OFF but it can also be manually pressed to turn it ON and OFF. If i keep the fan to ON MODE, it would mean that the fan is in operation. 

I supposed what you wanted me to test is by keeping the fan switches to ON mode so that I can test it with ewelink app on my phone if i can switch the FAN ON.

The sonoff is a simple switch.  It turns the power at the socket on and off.  If your fan is not capable of holding an "on" setting when the power is removed from it then it will not work.

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EW, thanks for the reply. I will test it with another device and see if it works with my sonoff. Thanks alot for your sharing. 

Hi, so does that mean we can’t use sonoff for devices with electronic switches, meaning that they cannot hold an “on” setting when power is disconnected and then connected? Are they only for devices/appliances with manual switches (meaning appliances which turns on immediately given that their switch is at “on” mode, when power source is open) If yes, is there any other way to turn the devices on overriding the defualt “off” setting of the appliance/device?

There is no simple way.  If your device defaults to OFF when power is removed from it then the only fix would be to internally modify the device.

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