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Connecting Sonoff Basic to IFTTT

Excellent! So glad to see the integration to IFTTT! This will be a huge help. I see where some have it working, some not. I created a recipe to turn on and off a Sonoff Basic. I used the Turn 1 Channel Plug on and off and just a button widget. It seemed to find the sonoff when I created it but the widget is not working. Its not turning the sonoff on and off. 

would love to figure this out.



When i try to create a recipe It asks me to connect ifttt to ewe. This asks for my logon details and always fails to connect. So I am unable to create any ifttt recipe for the sonoff basic. I have other makes of plugs and they work fine with ifttt.
Ian same porblem here. still no IFTTT on ewe?


Vuoi superare i limiti di programmazione Sonoff eWeLink ? Utilizzando Sonoff IFTTT e Stringify puoi realizzare qualsiasi scenario complesso di funzionamento. La mia guida completa in italiano a IFTTT Sonoff.


Sonoff IFTTT eWeLink Stringify | Guida completa in italiano a IFTTT Sonoff

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