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Widget problem on android Oreo

Hi I have the latest ewelink app on my android nexus 6p with the latest Oreo build. I have 6 sonoff devices. When I try to add a 1x1 widget only 4 devices are listed to select from. I can see all my devices in the ewelink app. Thank you

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Yes good morning I have a problem with the widgets of your application I have in my list I have 7 total devices composed of number 2 sonoff 4ch pro R2 number 2 sonoff BASIC number 1 sonoff 12 V and finally 2 sonoff Pow R2 unfortunately the latter two in the list of widgets not appear so I can't create a widget can you tell me the reason? soon I have to add also sonoff DUAL and TH16 also these will have the same problem? I await your reply, thanks I attach photos to support
Is there any other software that works with sonoff products. Ewelink no longer supports widgets for 4ch or sonoff bridge. Only single buttons for single switch that often don't work. IFTTT is also no longer supported. Can another software beer used?
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