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Wiring in australia

Hi there. I have just purchased Sonoff Wifi Switch Universal Smart Home Automation Module Timer Diy Wireless Switch Remote. How do I wire it up in Australia. Was going to cut an extension lead , but my understanding is that they have 3 wires. What do I do in this instance? Cheers Adam

Only the Active and neutral lines go through the box. connect the ground wires together bypassing the module

Hi Ben, can you explain that process a bit more ? Is there a photo showing this or even better a video ?

cheers, Adam


Carefully strip off outer jacket longer than sonoff at place where you want to insert sonoff.

Neutral goes to N on sonoff. This is not switched. Input comes from plug output goes to device.

Active goes to L on sonoff. This is switched. Input comes from plug output goes to device.

Earth is not cut. Goes around (bypass) sonoff.


I am not in Australia so I don't know how much you can trust the color codes on that graphic! It is always a good idea to check with a meter.  If you really don't know what you are doing perhaps find someone local who does!

Hi, I am in Australia. you can check out my tutorial here. You can skip through to the wiring, just so you are aware, these devices aren't approved for use in Aus though. So be careful what you attach them to. Also any wiring to mains power in Aus needs to be done by a qualified Electrician. They can void your insurance. In saying that I am showing it hooked up in wall just for people who are interested.

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