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App feature request - server status

Hi. As we have had a couple of outages recently could we have a section on the app which shows us which server we are connected to and a live status could even possible scheduled outages so we know what's going on

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A local control work around for server off line is a must too, such as when on same wifi.

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It is very frustrating that just when you want to control something, the server fails.  Some form of redundancy is a must!  I'm only turning lights on and off, but if anyone thought they could use this for anything serious they'll be very disappointed.

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They behave like amateurs.
High school students are better in dealing with server issues than they do.
As I am already here, can someone recommend alternative to their Sonoff POW device?


Oh come's a free service I don't expect 100% uptime
If you don't expect then for sure you won't get it haha.
And it's not free, nothing in this world isn't free. I paid for it when I bought device. Without server side, what's the point of Sonoff POW except to be toy for my dog? It's the same as you've said I bought a car but I don't expect to start every single time, why would it???


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Obviously I'm more easily pleased than you

Well, yes, you can also call it like that ;)

But I like when my car starts every time; otherwise I take it to my mechanic. But that's just me, I presume.

I think the difference is you "pay" for the mecannic you don't pay for the server

But you paid for the server when you bought device. Server side is functional part of Sonoff POW device. As you can see, it can't work without it. In this situation you must look at server side as if it's physical part of device, like processor, capacitor or some other electric component.

Would you buy their device if they said to you: this device has these specifications but most of that won't work some time.I presume not.

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They did not stipulate a service level agreement either
Let's just say we are different; I like to get what I paid for, you don't expect to get what you paid for all the time.
Anyway, in another topic of this forum I got recommendation for Belkin Wemo plug so I'll take a look at it; the guy says he never had any problems with it.
I am not so into that "plug in" devices but I can disassemble it and with a little soldering I can get what I need.


The Server is an integral part of what's bought with this device, whilst I'd not researched hard I did expect to have some local control without reliance on a remote server.

If I bought a new car and it failed in the first days of use I'd expect it resolved by manufacturer, no garage fee. As it is I've had a response to a ticket request - servers are being upgraded, I'd guess they've not kept pace with subscriptions (I'd still like local control)

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Colin D, totally correct everything you are saying!

 "High school students are better in dealing with server issues than they do"

You can't expect 24/7 online service support when the service is free. I think we should value what a developers team do more.


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