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double device added cant remove

hi today my device went off-line so i removed it and re added it 

now i have two exactly the same and cant delete either. please help

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"failed. Please try again" 12458732995125 times and counting. It`s a joke

I have two non operational sonoff basic, And there's no way to remove it from my account.  Why you just create some web based portal to allow to manage the devices?

Im having issues again, think I will be scrapping sonoff, very unreliable
Have now been able to delete duplicate. Still can't link to Google Home, but suspect this is google issue.
I've just been able to delete mine!

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Connection issues have been terrible but thankfully a lot better today. Like you guys I have a duplicate device I cannot remove either, very strange. I am sure tomorrow when staff return things will move a bit better on solutions being resolved.
Had this issue since yesterday. Went offline so tried to register. Now have 2 identical devices and cannot link either via Google home
I have also the same problem. And also scenes i created with a coupling behind different Sonoff devices didn't work...


I have same problem, two exactly the same and cant delete either. please help!!!!!



In the EWeLink this is not to remove any of the facilities. Some are duplicates.
Same here can't remove any device
When I change name of one all three change, same when I turn on or off...can't delete any...
I think this is a feature of the server issues, once the server starts to respond properly you should be able to delete the duplicates. One will be properly working, it'll let you change the device name, delete the others. I had this occur during set up.
Same here I have 3 the same and can't delete any
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