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Local Server

I've been reading the differing features people are looking for and have just started to suffer the server connection fail (despite having a good internet connection).

A local server could be solution, it may also give an opportunity to implement many of the features people have been asking about, like MQTT servers or allowing isolation from the cloud or "offline" operation with app interface via wifi when in range.

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I support this request!

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From yesterday, Sonoff TH16 did not let me know, I asked in technical activity

I'll get some answer ??? , today I can not see any devices .... I can not add a "pairing error", I can not believe that for 2 weeks worked nicely and from yesterday the same problems, what's going on ... ????





Yeah, some kind of local server or direct control would be great.

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My friends, know if there is progress with this application


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Not that I've heard yet Mauricio :(

Sonoff please update your firmware to support Mqtt configurable from eWeLink. Tasmota firmware community has done the hard work in coding that. Please include. This would enable OpenHab home automation integration too.

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