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Sonoff POW - how to reset power consumption?

  I´m using a Sonoff POW to count power consumption. I´d like to measure several devices like refigerator, tv, computer, etc. with one Sonoff POW. How to reset power consumption? Does anybody know?

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I‘m sorry for the bad explanation. I measured the consumption of the refigerator for one week and for the next week I‘m going to install the POW at washing machine. Ewelink now shows the old power consumption data from refrigerator. How to reset the data in ewelink?


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I don't think this functionality exists (yet).

Have you tried 'deleting' the device from the ewelink app then re-installing it?   messy but might work.

Already tried. Deleted from the app and re-installed. The old data is saved to the ewelink account or to pow device. Only the chinese developer knows...


Unfortunately it appears no one from Itead or Ewelink read this forum - or if they do respond to give any feedback.

I used the feedback function on the ewelink app and although I got an email response that said that my suggestions would be incorporated into the next revision of the app, they weren't (nor were they in the subsequent next two revisions).

I hope the add this function to the app.Also interested in resetting power usage.

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This should be a standard feature

yes this feature should be added. 

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