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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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The main problem I have (I thought that all had) is that a change in status of a switch is not detected by IFTTT if it was done via a scene. Offtopic: I'm also going crazy with a RF turning in by itself but it is another problem

so its November 2019 now....and this hasn't happened??

You seem surprised?

 I had enough of Sonoff: I am phasing their products out, one by one.

There is major problem with the hardware, after a while they no longer connect to wifi and the reset switch no longer works.

Exactly the same thing happens on switches, plug, bridges, slumphers: all of them.

They work for a while then they no longer find their server and you cannot delete/reset/reconnect because the reset button has no effect.

Enough! It's a waste of time and customer support is just a joke.

I am going to try Blitzwolf and see if their smart device are any better

Try changing wifi security protocol

 noway! I am not going to mess about with my router.

Plus the device (all of them switches, plugs, slamphers,..) work for a while (like a few months) then stop connecting for unknown reasons and when I try to reset the whole thing (delete it from eWeLink App and try to link it again through the pairing process), the device NO LONGER enters into wifi connection mode (keeping the button pushed for 5, 10, 30, 60, 200 sec makes no difference at all the lamp never reblinks fast as it should) for me this is a hardware problem. I have got a handful (10+) of dead device that refuse to re-pair.

I do think it depends on the way I want them to work, in a house that has no Internet for 5 days a week, so I suspect the hardware burns itself out but constantly trying to link to a network that is not there until it breaks some circuitry.

It's ok: I spent too much money and, most of all, too much time with this crap.

The device are cute but they are nowhere near the reliability I need to make the house 'smart' (of course you hide them when you install them so, when they burn out, you waste a lot of time just to play and replace them.

AND on top of that of course you get no support.

As I said: enough of Sonoff

@enrico, understand the frustration, I'll take them off your hands if you want to find somewhere other than the bin for them ;)
Isn’t a work around Link a switch to action ? That way you can tell ifttt to action ?

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Hi Lee - yes that's the way to get it to do something, but it's just a workaround and the community want something smarter to be implemented by eWelink so's the bridge shows up as a device.

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For sure

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I am waiting for the rf bridge ifttt integration as well.

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It becomes already very sad. Two years have passed!!!

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It should be a good way to use IFTTT to replace the scenes when they stop working...

It should allow to have a continous service !

I absolutely agree, if they can't keep their servers alive at least give full integration with IFTTT do we can quit ewelink scenes.

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Hi Itead, can you give me developer credencials to try to make something as you entered full retard mode two years ago?
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