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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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Easiest way is to put pressure on them is to not buy the products that aren't supported on ifttt.

Without IFTTT this device is pointless as an alarm system component, where is the siren product, exactly there isn't one, to activate a 3rd party siren you need IFTTT because the siren is going to be using Tuya.

3rd party bridge is required that supports IFTTT in order to get 433 devices to activate an alarm, you can still buy the RF 433 sensor devices from Sonoff but all the smart home automation products have to be bought from someone else to get a working alarm system.

Which then makes you question if RF 433 is the right protocol for the sensors.

Better alarm products are on the market for the same price, ITEAD have basically withdrawn from the security section of the market by not having a solution in this area

To activate a siren you could use a sonoff basic

I got the Sonoff bridge to activate a Sonoff switch (or/and a lamp holder) through a scene and then timed the switch off again through the inching function.

So the system does more or less what I wanted it to do, without using IFTTT.

The problem is that when you activate 'inching' you lose the power-on state setting... actually you don't on the App but it has no effect in reality, as Power-on state becomes OFF all the time.

I complained about this but, as always, the reply from Sonoff was like "Oh yes, you are right" and that was that.

They obviously don't care about customer support and I think that's part of the deal: they sell cheap stuff and you get what you pay for.

BTW also the hardware quality is 'edgy' to say the least.

I bought dozens of their devices and

- 3 out of 5 of the S20 plugs lasted less than a year (after a while the plug depowers, you connect/reconnect... seems to work for a while and then depowers again, it does that more and more until it becomes useless)

- 1 out of 2 lamp holder just pops ON all of a sudden (say twice a day) for no reason. I tried to debug it and I think it only does that when the holder is facing down but that's the way I need to use it... tough!

- 2 out of 6 switches lose memory of the wifi network and need to be deleted/reconfigured every so often

- 2 out of 2 RH/Temp combined thermostat probe works for a while  and then starts click/unclick the thermostat (even when you leave 2deg histeresis in the app), so that if you connect this to power/depower anything you'll run the risk of burning out any electrical motor. I had to replace with the 'Temp only' probe which does not provoke the same oscillation of On/Off.

On top of that the ewelink software is rather limited as you can't time the scenes the way I would like to.

The thing is... I stopped complaining about it: they are significantly cheaper than any other similar device on the market so I accept the low quality as part of the deal.

I'm using DW and PIR to turn on a Sonoff basic. That Sonoff Basic is attached to a siren. I'm using a wall panel, a tablet attached to the wall to control and know devices status. The problem is that Sonoff basic triggered by bridge is not shown in my panel. I'm using smartthings, ifttt and Sonoff. If I could add bridge to ifttt then my panel status would change acordly. Is there a solution for this?
I’ve got the same setup with SmartThings ifttt and Sonoff. They promised IFTTT connections for RF bridge in 2017, but nothing happened. Also be aware their Led lights aren’t available in iFTTT either, not even simple on/off controls. Best advice would be to stick with SmartThings or fully supported IFTTT devices
I already had done a nice panel, only the panic button is not lighted up because of that integration lost.

I can only add my weight to this, really disappointing, cant add multiple switches on the bridge onto an action either.  

I can't see why this hasn't been done, it would make this way of doing stuff and all the components much more attractive.

I was thinking of  hacking it to use it with CodeRed/OpenHab or something else that can do the job.  But instead I have listed it second hand on ebay as I might as well make my own if I am going to that level of hassle.

Waste of time and money, but, having seen the app there are a number of issues, doing even simple things like switching things on an hour before sunset, so probably going to get a better although not plug and play system in the end. 

I add my voice to those who demand better functionality to the DW door sensors. Right now, it is just a toy rather than a functional necessity.

I also think that some people are too harsh on Sonoff product. With the prices they are charging, what do you expect? There are always choices for better product and quality devices, but you pay for it sometimes 3 times over.

Despite the limitations of some of their hardware, I would still buy it and hope they improve, which I am pretty confident they will.

Not the most efficient for equipment, however, I have managed to get a scene triggering a switch to generate a useful trigger in IFTTT that can then be usable for driving the rest. For example, smoke alarm triggers switch on, which IFTTT then notifies my phones. (as only one logged in account triggers from eWeLink) giving me notification on all of my devices connected to IFTTT I could go one better with SMS or email too... But have managed to get the trigger outside the eWeLink eco system, with a second ’mirror’ device that is otherwise useless for anything else...
I don't fully understood you but I think it's the same thing I was trying to accomplish. I will connect a bridge that with a scene switch on a Sonoff basic. That Sonoff basic give power to a second Sonoff basic that act as a notification only to IFTTT. Maybe with a scene works too.
What I just wrote didn't work either. I don't fully understand you JP

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 @Mauricio Garofalo what I did was use the scene to trigger a 'light' or 'switch' rather than another 433 device.

In my case a Sonoff S26 switch. The scene turning on the switch creates a change of state that can be hooked in IFTTT.

Specifically, I am using the "1 channel switch turned on or off trigger". This is a "create your own" applet in IFTTT.

Specific steps:

1. Select "Get more" and  "+" to "Make your Own Applets from scratch"

2. "+This"

3. Find "eWeLink Smart Home"

4. Select "1 Channel Switch turned on or off"

5. Select the switch you are using as an indicator

6. Select state on/off that is the rigger

7. Select "Create trigger"

8. Select "+That" and do your thing from there.

That's what always done, a sensor trigger a Sonoff basic or basic rf. But that scene is no detected by ifttt. Ifttt only detects if I manually turn on device or from ewelink app.

Hmm.. interesting, as it is working for notifications for me...

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