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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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@Sean -  how did you get the 'trigger' basic that was turned on by the scene to trigger ifttt.  I have never been able to get a sonoff to trigger ifttt if it has been turned on by a scene.  (apart from the bodge around via an android notification).

@Andy - you can get it to trigger lights (or a buzzer etc) no problem using an ewelink scene.  This issue current is getting it to trigger ifttt to do something else like send send a notification if I am out.

My testing is as follows:

  1. Door Sensor/IR detects movement
  2. EweLink scene turns on sonoff device [works - the light comes on]
  3. Ifttt applet (trigger fires when 1 channel is turned on) [ifttt does not trigger if the switch is turned on by a scene or another ifttt applet]
  4. ifttt applet runs something else eg, stringify..... and some other actions happen [can not get to this point as step 3 fails.

As @Ben said you can put a android device between step 2 and 3 and get ifttt to trigger from that but i tried it lest night and its a bit flaky.  There is always the tasmota route but i haven't got time for that at the moment.  

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Got it - that's a shame that the scene doesn't trigger ifttt. It would have been the icing on the cake to have my Google home say something nice and loud when the sensor was tripped but lights and maybe a buzzer will do the job! I'll report back when they arrive. Cheers for the advice.
I just used an EWeLink scene to do the initial trigger into IFTTT, then fed that into Stringify, then run he Stringify Flow to do the delay, then back to IFTTT to switch the second stage in EWeLink. It’s a bit of a faff to do what should be simple if this then Performan operator then output.

Update:  This morning sometime it seems that something has changed.  At 11:37 GMT i got a stringify notification from one of my tests flows.  wtf, I phoned mrs.A, and she had just got home.

Checking the ifttt history it seems that from sometime earlier this morning my scene was triggering ifttt, which then ran Stringify.  I will set up a more comprehensive series of tests this evening and report back. 

@Sean seems you are seeing the same thing.  eg. Sonoff PIR turns on sonoff basic (trigger device), this triggers ifttt applet and then you can do anything.  Could someone else test please to confirm?

In all honesty if this works and is stable I'm ok with having a Sonoff basic as a intermediate trigger device for short term.

The only better things would be (in priority order)

  1. direct integration with ifttt from the Sonoff RF 
  2. direct integration with Stringify 

but that's asking for a lot more than just fixing the current ifttt functions.

I would like to know which genius  in sonoff decided to, hey lets make a door alarm bridge but the only thing it can do at its best is to send a notification that doesn't even work half the time, depending on the phone and internet connectivity, specially if the app hasn't been opened in a while. it's like they think they are making children toys that should just makes some sound and have no interest in real world usability. so much for reliability. I realized after some of my sonoff slmaphers died spontaneously, there is no warranty, service or accountability. now I just have so much regret investing in sonoff rf bridge knowing even after a year+ no one has thought there are essential functions missing from this setup, lets think real life. so much disappointment, now I have to invest in a proper smart door alarm system.

I think this is the real issue: do you confirm that now the "scene triggered switch" is "felt" by IFTTT.

I had setup the eWelink-IFTTT-Sringify-IFTTT "chain" like 6 months ago to automatically time a switch off after the PIR had triggered it on, through the bridge and, at the time, it did NOT work because IFTTT would not detect the switch-ON trigger if induced by the bridge.

It was weird because the same IFTTT did detect the switch trigger under any other circumstance (like driven by the eWelink app or driven by Google Home or even when powering up the switch with its state set to ON).

Just the trigger through bridge did not work.

Has anything changed since?

From the last post I found the thing that had changed was I used a device connected to a POW as the trigger to ifttt. I'm testing the other devices I have...
Hello, I'm French, sorry for my english translated. I am equipped with sonoff rf boxes for lighting, a switch for my shutters. I would like to make an alarm of the same brand. what I read on the forum, the RF bridge can not communicate alert on a remote device. I test with my device sonoff rf and without ifttt I can very well create a scenario with a notification just plug a box sonoff rf, in the application welink click on the sonoff rf, in the settings enable notification. So, when I run a scenario that says that if my light comes on, you turn on the RF sound, I have a notification on my phone. So, if someone can try to do a scenario by adding his rf bridge to last a sonoff rf and see if it works, because I have not ordered it yet, he could let me know if it works and help a lot of people, I think, thank you.

Hi, I would like to ask all participants not to generate confusion while discussing their workarounds. If you use a switch as a proxy to tell IFTTT or Stringify that a PIR sensor or eWeLink scene has been triggered, then turning the same switch on by other means (button, eWeLink, RF remote, Google Home, Alexa…) would look the same to the IFTTT/Stringify and it would, therefore, turn it off after the timeout that you set. In order to differentiate, I guess you need to dedicate one switch/gang as a trigger and use the other one to control the light. The same applies to the sending of emails via IFTTT.


Another problem with this workaround is probably that only the event (e.g. movement) that turns the switch can be detected, so the timer would turn the light off even if you keep moving and the PIR sensor firing. In order to detect subsequent movements, you should turn the proxy switch off.


In the garage door scenario, the source opening the door is irrelevant, and a single IP switch (controlling the door) would do the job. However, the garage doors are typically controlled by RF remotes…


What we really need is to enable the RF bridge to pass the RF remote or sensor events it receives to IFTTT/Stringify or start/clear/stop eWeLink's device/scene timers. That is what I assume as a part of RF bridge IFTTT support that was announced for October 2018. The other part would be the ability to control RF switches from IFTTT via the RF bridge.


Only if we are precise enough we may know what is actually going on.

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Ewelink you confirmed this was being worked on with a expected go live of October. Can you please update

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I suggest we all send one or more emails to itead and sonoff to add the RF bridge to IFTTT!! Maybe more voices = more support

also a lot of votes in the first post could help

This would be the worst possible time to flood them with emails...most Chinese companies either close down or have a skeleton crew leading up to Chinese New Years. If you want to get a response, my suggestion is wait until later in the month. 

What might work better is if we request the trigger and action on IFTTT - it would go directly to the people that are programming the IFTTT functionality. A bunch of requests might get some action. 


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