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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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Anybody heard anything about this or have details of a work around?
I have posted a workaround. Use the Google "home" app found in the play store. Then goto routine, now you can set a routine to control rf devices.
Where did you post the workaround? Can I add a rotine with condition? Like , if between 17h : 20h , and PIR detected , do something
Does your Google Home work around only work on Android Ben? Thanks in advance!
Conditions are tricky, might be able to sort something in a stringify ifttt crossover. I'll see if I can work it out. Not sure about it working in anything but android tbh. I'll look into it

With the Google Home workaround - you can only start with Google Home though, right? You can't start with the RF device to trigger Google Home to do something?

I don't use many Google services, but I do have an android device so this has some promise, but I don't think it will do what ITEAD promised a few months ago. 

 I can't see how Google Home could be of any help.

GH only works with vocal command (and routines are no different).

I want the switching of the bridge to be recognised by IFTTT so that I can then action something else once the switching has gone ON.

BTW I want to action a timer so that the lamp that went ON from me being detected by the PIR (through the bridge), automatically turns off after (say) a minute, and this is done by a combination of IFTTT and Stringify... but if IFTTT does not recognise switching in the first place, it's impossible to trigger the action.

I've spent alot of time looking at this. GH or Alexa will not work as you cant use a Sonoff as a trigger. Although if you change the status of a sonoff via GH/Alexa it is sent to Ifttt. Although not ideal as it adds an extra step into the process it would be an easy work around if we could use a sonoff basic as an intermediate trigger. However ewelink does not send a trigger to ifttt if a devives status is changed via a scene of from ifttt. Looking through the forums there is an underlying bug here. There are multiple threads about people wanting to do slightly different things that fixing this one issue would either fix straight away or provide a work around in the short term. (The only other option is something like home assistant and tasmota which although not to difficult to do, id rather use web services and know that is there to move to it ewelink/ifttt is ever pulled as a service) I'm going to email ewelink with the details of all the threads so it adds some extra weight to the argument and also see if they have any further update on timelines as previously mentioned in this thread.

OK, so after a few hours of playing around I have found a working workaround.

The trick is to use an android device's notifications as a trigger to then start a flow in Stringify or IFTTT.

So here how I did it.

Create a scene in eWeLink app, Condition: RF Bridge (select trigger) Perform (select device on/off)
Click OK

In your RF Bridge Settings (3 dots at the top) ensure "Alarm Notification" is checked.

Now create a flow in Stringify for this example I used a timer and add 2 IFTTT things.  set of IFTTT as a trigger, then I added a timer thing in the middle and then another IFTTT thing as an action. Give it a name and save it.

Then in IFTTT add an Applet - if this: Android Device - Notification received from a specific app - App name: eWeLink - filter by notification keyword: ("the name of your eWeLink alarm")
tap Create Trigger

then that:Stringify - Run a stringify flow - (select name of flow created in stringify)

tap Create action and Finish

Then add another Applet for the action (ewelink device control)
if this: Stringify flow runs (select name of flow) tap create trigger - then that: (select a trigger e.g ewelink device)


Ensure notifications are turned on in system settings for ewelink, and that the app isn't running in Battery saver mode.

There we have it. It's far from ideal but it works well. Of course you will need an android device running all the time with access to internet. 

Very disappointed to find that the RFbridge can't be used to trigger events via IFTTT. Using a combination of Alarm Alerts and Scenes in the Sonoff App is very clunky and needs a rethink... Come on ITead, you can do it!
Bit of a noob here, but I’ve just set up a small network to test this using EWeLink, IFTTT and Stringify. 1. Set up a dummy Sonoff item, I used a Sonoff Basic (I’ll call it Trigger) and set up a normal, if PIR activated then turn on Sonoff Basic scene. 2. Added a Sonoff Basic as a driver for a light (I’ll call it Action) 3. Create two simple IFTTT routines, one to run if the trigger activates and another to perform the Action. 4. Create a Stringify flow to run if IFTTT trigger activates, perform a delay, the Run IFTTT action. 5. This performs an immediate switch on of Trigger Sonoff Basic and after a delay turns on Action Sonoff Basic. Seems to work ok. Let me know if this helps.
Thanks for the reply, you're very kind. What you've described is identical to my current workaround - the thing is, it's very clunky. I'm hoping that iTead might come up with a more elegant solution, and updating the IFTT capability to include alarm triggers would fit the bill perfectly. Thanks again for faking the time to post!

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Not problem, as you say it’s a bit clunky, but it works. I’m using it as a Double Knock system so stage 1 light comes on immediately, stage 2 siren goes off if not cancelled before timer runs down.
Neat - it's a good test of ingenuity!
I've just ordered a bridge and a set of motion and window sensors, only to now read it doesn't work with ifttt which is a shame. Been thinking about it and could I use a spare sonoff switch as the ifttt trigger? My thinking is: Motion sensor detects movement Scene turns on a spare sonoff switch (not really connected to anything but power) Switch triggers ifttt Ifttt triggers music / lights / whatever to scare off would be burglars... Any reason this wouldn't work?
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