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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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Any news about this?

Yes we are waiting

@eWeLink,  as the end of October is 7 days away,  can you confirm if this is still planned for a go live this week?  A response would be appreciated as a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this.

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I want to buy some Movement sensors, and door sensors ...but only if IFTTT is indeed scheduled for the end of the month xD

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We only got a response from EWeLink after I emailed their customer services directly and gave then a link to this forum thread. ITead and EWeLink appear to be separate companies, and EWeLink don’t monitor these forums and iTead don’t pass these forum posts onto EWeLink. Best email EWeLink directly if you want an update and paste a link to this thread so they can update us all. Ask them to forward this onto their software development team...

I think we should all know by now that October means February or July...I'm not holding my breath. 

That being said, the fact they had a turnaround target of less than 12 months from when it was originally posted is a good sign.

i need the RF bridge to work with ifttt . The setup is usles now for me. And if IT works. I Will buy more sonoff products.

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Me too!

Me too! It's rather frustraiting that this is not featered. Please let us know when you expect the RF bridge to work with IFTT. Right now i am searching for other product/suppliers to forfill my needs. You will gain a lot or you loose a lot. Thats totally up to you. These comments are no good PR i suppose so do something about it. Fast!

Well October has come and gone, and November is on the way out. Maybe December might bring us something.
I have once again emailed EWeLink customer services directly with the following: “Hi, I contacted you several months ago regarding EWeLink complaints and requests in the below forum thread. One of your team updated the forum and told customers a software update was coming in October regarding IFTTT support for alarms. No update has happened and customers are left frustrated and we don’t know what’s going on. Please forward this email to your software development team so they can update the forum and let customers have some information about why we didn’t revive an update in October and any progress towards alarms and IFTTT. Thanks, Luke.” Let’s see if they come back to us...

any answer from them?

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This is frustrating, after buying all the required components and to know no IFTTT support :(

is there any workarounds ? 

I have figured out a workaround. Use the "home" app on mobile and set a "routine" there you can add anything you like.
Can you send a link for that app?
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