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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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Agreed.  I would also like to be able to have the Sonoff Magnetic Door/Window Sensor and PIR to trigger an action 

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Absolutely necessary especially when an alarm is received by the RF bridge to trigger a sequence of events outside the ewelink app.

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RF BRIDGE -  more  door contact.... then   switch light ON for xx second.. or do some other.. make LOUD siren etc....

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I agree, I expected the rf bridge to show up on the ifttt actions once I had logged in, and was very disappointed that Ifttt only shows the various sonoff switches. Pleas add the rf bridge to the ifttt app soon.. ( and update the iOS app to show the rf bridge and let us use it in scenes! )

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PLease we need an Answer!!!! I Can´t communicate Any Alarm with IFTTT to VoIP or Mail.


When will the Sonoff RF Bridge 433 be compatible with IFTTT?

The Sonoff switches can already be operated via IFTTT, but the Sonoff RF Bridge 433 is not.

This is very important for a complete system with sensors and actuators.

After all, door and window sensors or motion detectors can be connected to the Sonoff RF Bridge 433 as sensors with which the Sonoff switches (actuators) could be controlled (preferably via IFTTT links).

If the Sonoff RF Bridge 433 is compatible with IFTTT, the system is only complete.

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Same here. The RF Bridge has so much potential if it were compatible with ifttt. Please make it happen!

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Me too. Need IFTTT and the RF bridge to work to get a wee alarm system working. Give it to use please! :)

I completely agree. We are currently very restricted using EWeLink, which is very frustrating. To make the most of the excellent hardware being supplied, we need scenes, RF Bridge buttons and alarms integration in IFTTT. ILeadStudio - please respond to this user demand and satisfy your customers! And please respond to this forum thread and give us an update please.

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 I even tried a workaround to add a switch as an intermediary - does not work. IFTTT can flip the switch but the Ewelink scenes don't happen - garbage. 

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Bring it on, I need IFTTT support for RF Bridge to get the full potential out of the sensor equipment

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Totally agree with all of you.......
this pir sensor and rf bridge is hopeless. this is frustrating. i expected it to work our of the box with iftt. they dont even bother to respond to our request. A short reply saying they will look in to it or it is under developement would have eases the dissapointment.

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Totally agree

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