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Sonoff NEW devices - inside electric socket

 My idea is something like this:


Application: light switches, roller shutter control, switch on electrical sockets, etc.

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I have been able to install in the base of larger light fixtures just below the junction box. Or in the inclosure of wall lights 

+1 fit inside EU sockets

I agree with sek dom. I would also love to see an in-socket wireless retrofit switch that fits into EU sockets.
Alternatively, I would also accept the extisting sonoff light switch, if it wasn't looking so bad. If the glass cover would look like the 433 MHz switch, I would buy them in an instant. But the 2.4 GHz cover is a no-go for me.


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Spamming?   No problem.  If you want no discussion of your suggestion or opportunity to explain it, that is fine.

"E W" stop spaming, ok? Sonoff basic is to big for EU electric socket!

Blinds controller



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All that's really needed is a Sonoff Basic with gpio14 implemented as a switch.  I suggested this about a month ago.  Don't hold your breath though.

Because they look ugly? I have different house design? Because i have dimmer? because my 30 other switches looks that's same? And what about electric sockets? Blinds controls? Etc? Do You need more examples?


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Why not just use one of the many wifi controlled box mount switches?  Leviton, Ottim, TP-Link, Sonoff Touch and so on?

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