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repeat timer

 really simple question: can i do "repeat" on timer function.

Right now timer function can only trigger once then disable by itself. Can I make it repeatedly enable  until manually disable? (btw i m NOT talking about loop timer).

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I ask same question, (get CountDown timer to work multiple times, not just Once)  in fact I am SURE I had this working, (then deleted all my stuff to practice re installing it) and since I can only get CountDown timer to function ONCE.. in fact when setting up the countdown timer on hitting SAVE it changes the page to include the term ONCE 

Please HELP I need to be able to countdown SC20 to OFF after a time  once it is triggered to be ON and to be able to do this ad infinitum. 



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I had agree with above. I need timer to controlled deley exhaust fan close after shower? That not possible because it work only once.
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