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Stringify integration

The Sonoff switches are great tools and have made a big difference to the way my smart home works for me.

Integration with the Stringify app would add so many useful features, allowing the use of things like sunrise/sunset (including offsets), geofencing and many other smart home sensors as triggers for Sonoff switches. Stringify takes care of that with a large (and growing) menu.

This integration will increase the versatility of your wonderful switches.

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another +++ for stringify inclusion
Have you tried The interface is less fluffy than Stringify but it is actually more versatile than Stringify. It integrates with IFTTT. The service is free, but I’ve used it for over a year and it is way more reliable than itead itself. I tend to run important things in both Apilio & Stringify so there is a backup. You would still need to connect a maker Applet for each light but, for example, I have 1 light turn on 5 minutes after sunset, 1 at 10 and the last at 15. In stringify you’d still need to create a thing for each light switch in the flow anyway. The main annoyance I find in IFTTT isn’t creating the applets but finding them. They need to be groupable or at least a search function.
Totally agree. I’m in the same situation with five “sunset” applets on IFTTT; one on Stringify would be so much better!

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@Dfeelion I know.


I have 4 lights I want to switch on IFTTT only allows 1 action so I need to run 4 routines to switch on the lights.

So I repeat my original post - PLEASE can we have integration with Stringify which is more versatile.

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IFTTT allows for sunrise and sunset settings
I don't use IFTTT only, I hope some day otras give direct support for ewelink and Stringify. I use Stringify for all my needs. Try Stringify and you will never use IFTTT again.

Dear Emiliano!... thank you very much for your manual!!!... its great!!!... sadly its in italian, but i'm spanish and with the google translator I  have could understand it... 

With the integration of IFTTT with Stringify, finally my 4CH Pro R2 can off after 30 seconds !!! or more!!!!.... its great for some devices like blind motors... and I link with google home without problem, except for one question... I cann't use this applet if other applets was used... (for example, THIS: google assistant, THEN: ewelink)... but with de app of ewelink or with the direct commands of google home, goes on... 

Thanks again!!!

Vuoi superare i limiti di programmazione Sonoff eWeLink ? Utilizzando Sonoff IFTTT e Stringify puoi realizzare qualsiasi scenario complesso di funzionamento. La mia guida completa in italiano a IFTTT Sonoff.

Sonoff IFTTT eWeLink Stringify | Guida completa in italiano a IFTTT Sonoff

Would be very good to have

Another plea for Stringify as well.  Is Alexa and IFTTT the only integrations so far for ewelink?  IFTTT fails a lot :(  Alexa is for triggers only and no action which means you can only talk and have no remote control or automation without hacking a separate speaker to talk to Alexa for you. :(

Please add Stringify and Smartthings integration if you can't open your API 

Concordo nell'estrema utilita'. Qui' spiego come ho usato IFTTT e Stringify per Sonoff tapparelle:

Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 | Manuale italiano | Controllo tapparelle WiFi

There is nothing that can’t be achieved by linking IFTTT to Stringify, etc. without a direct integration. I’d much prefer they put their effort into getting one thing to work well, rather than spread their resources between different projects.

Yes, indeed, it's about time to get Stringify and Sonoff together. This would be an unbeatable combo of low price, power and ease of setup in the real of IoT

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Please add support for stringify I abandoned Ifttt for this app. Ifttt is useless compared to Stringify. Come on, they are just waiting for your help :-)

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The makers of Sonoff claim that you need 1000 votes on this forum to even consider adding a feature.

The highest any request has reached is 60 votes over 2 years - and they are not implementing that request, but it would take 20 years at current rates to hit 1000 votes.
(search the request forum and sort by "popularity")

The makers of Sonoff never seem to reply to feature request threads other than to say things like "we need 1000 votes" - make of this what you will.

So we are probably wasting our time here.

Sonoff, I imagine has a plan, and I don't think any of it involves being open.
They are playing the same game that played out for the internet - here's my prediction for the smart thingiverse:

endgame 1: expensive smarthome hardware and expensive smarthome  apps. (IBM PC with AOL)
endgame 2: cheap smarthome  hardware and paid smarthome apps. (Clone PC with AOL)
endgame 3: cheap smarthome hardware and cheap smarthome apps, but they sell your data (the internet today)

While these endgames play out (spoiler - endgame 3 wins) various manufacturers will try to offer more and more for free (eg amazon dash button) , until they kill their competitors, so look out for free everything until there is only one game in town!
Then prepare to have your entire house and gadget-sphere owned by facebook / amazon / omnicorp :)


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